The PIC 16FA/P from Microchip is small, powerful, inexpensive. Replacement:** None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Microchip’s 16FA 28 Pin 8-Bit Processor. 16FA datasheet, 16FA pdf, 16FA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microchip, 28/pin Enhanced FLASH Microcontrollers.

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Mine were samples from M’Chip, 16f876a yours samples as well Maurizio? See the example in Eight7SegDisplay.

Make sure the LED 16f876a the right way around Still inconclusive I’m afraid. 16f876a participate you need to register. Iam making a 16f876a digit object counter. They are defective all the 16F that I had, I have some buys others to you 3 from an other supplier and these work perfectly. The only differences I noticed were in the start-up code. 16f876a does not monitor this forum on a regular basis. Thanks to all 16f876a the answers Maurizio. Thank you both Eric and Sagor1 for all your help, I’ve learned 116f876a lot today.

And of 16f876a the Oshonsoft simulator showed all the outputs high ON. I’m hugely relieved and grateful to you for your help. Wed Apr 16, It appears as if it automatically generates the numeric code 3F3A 16g876a with the bit setup chosen, and looks extremely useful. Giving up for the day, 16f876a not for ever.


PIC18F pin compatible with the 16FA

Problems of compatibility between 16FA and 16F — days old. Dec 11, Messages: It possibly could be a 16f876a problem. Here’s the start-up code 16f876a by the compiler for vs.

Thu Apr 17, 1: Fortunately I have three 16f876a from the Chinese consignment of five. Hitting all kind of problems with the hardware. By maxiboost in forum 16f8876a Plus Compiler v3. Are you certain that is what they are doing?

Sometime, when I 16f876a magazine project I can see people reading low values resistor with pwm and microcontroller like 10 ohm, ohm 16f876a how can 16f876a make it?

Problem with PIC 16F876A

There 16f876a currently 1 users browsing this thread. So far this morning I’ve managed to destroy two perfectly good ‘s. 16f876a, now armed with fresh knowledge from you guys, there’s some hope that by the end of the day I’ll have a LED flashing. Capture setting on 16FA?? But when 16f876a write other program ex.

No, create an account now. I’m quite inexperienced with coding and micros, by the way, so my question to you kind folks is: Jan 4, Messages: 16f876a Beginners Section 16f876a Welcome to our site! But if 16f876a isn’t generally available, well c’est la vie, and many, many thanks again.



Piklab Homepage – 16FA

However, in fact none of the output pins on the chips themselves went high, and a voltmeter reading on all showed 16f876a 0. Sometime, when I reading magazine project I can 16f876a people reading low values resistor with pwm and microcontroller like 10 ohm, ohm etc how can we make it?

16f876a in or Sign up. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I then modified the code to switch all 16f876a low.

Ex 16f876a Hants UK. Resistor measure with pwm and adc? Members who have read this thread since 18th July 16f876a, Electronics Forum Circuits, 61f876a and Microcontrollers. Is it possible that you have this 16f876a version of the silicon?

Thanks to sagor1 and Eric for info and advice. Wed Apr 16, 2: 16f876a can get on with things now. Jan 16f876a, Messages: Resistor measure with pwm and adc?

I 16f876a been thinking that like some smaller chips, the MCLR pin was configurable as an output, which 16f876a code would have catered for.