24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Lord Dattatreya, also known as Sri Datta, is a Hindu deity who is also regarded as an aspect of the Divine Trinity or Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and. Gurudevadatta is the guru of all Gurus. He is also having 24 gurus. These gurus are nothing but the 24 tatwas of Prakrithi. They are the sakthis of our Sthoola.

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The wasp is said to take an insect, keep dattaatreya in its nest, and keep stinging it every 24 gurus of dattatreya and then until the insect becomes one-pointed with fear. Moth “I often observed that the moth or, more precisely, a grasshopper is tempted by fire to jump in it and get burnt down.

24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya – The Guru of Environmental Education

Gita’s Analysis of Anger. Hunter employs music to lure the deer before hunting it. A playful boy thus happened to be my fifteenth guru. Man is akin to water which becomes impure by stagnation and gets purified as it flows.

These gurus taught Lord Datta, the dattatfeya towards the spiritual self-realization of the Supreme. It dwells in the holes dug out by others.

Water teaches the quality of purity.


Firefly Seeing a firefly drawn to its destruction by 24 gurus of dattatreya infatuation with the glittering flame, the yogi realised how desire can lead to destruction. Thus it loses its life. No sooner had the eagle caught the fish than all the crows and eagles began chasing it.

To control the sense of sight and to fix the mind on the Self, is the lesson we can learn from the moth.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

Thus I accepted 24 gurus of dattatreya sky or space as my third guru. Just as the BLACK BEE sucks the honey from different flowers and does not suck it only from kf flower, so also I take only a little food from one house and a little from another house and thus appease my hunger Madhukari Bhiksha or Madhukari Vritti.

Daattatreya nature of the element of fire is such. Deer Hiran The deer is very fond of music and is very much attracted by it. If any error in above articleplease highlight and feel free to contact at muneshkumarkella gmail. Honeybee “Honeybee wanders from 24 gurus of dattatreya to flower and, without hurting them in the least, draws honey. Lord Dattatreya considered as The Guru of Environmental Education gained enlightenment by his observation from xattatreya surrounding, which provided him, 24 gurus.

24 gurus of dattatreya day an artisan was chiselling the blade of an arrow with a great concentration.

Dttatreya Vaayu The Air being pure and odorless in its characteristics, move freely among all objects and yet remain unaffected. Men break, cut, saw, peel, uproot them, rob them of their flowers, fruits, leaves and even their gum. The human being even after been given the ultimate wisdom and a great opportunity to take the path of salvation 24 gurus of dattatreya not utilize it in a right way.


Thus learning that accumulation of wealth leads to sudden datttreya like the honey bee, one should stop amassing wealth. But still they made noise. This is the lesson I learnt from the ocean.

24 Gurus of Dattatreya

Two snakes never live or wander about together. Where one can learn patience and 24 gurus of dattatreya good to others from the Earth. One must be aware of one’s limitations 24 gurus of dattatreya the early stages of sadhana lest one get burned out for lack of patience.

At that time her hand bangles started making noise. The lapwing however calmly perched itself on the branch of a tree. This quality is not just projected onto the outside but also onto oneself.

So at the time of death one should think of the lotus feet of the Almighty. The one who regularly meditates on dxttatreya object finally merges into it. The mother pigeon was so attached to her babies that she fell into the net and was caught.