24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Abstract. Sri Dattatreya, who Lord Krishna quotes in The Uddhava Gita, has been evoked as a guru for environmental education. Sri Dattatreya gained. 24 Guru of Dattatreya. 1) PRITHVI (mother earth). 9) AJGAR (python). 17) PINGALA (a courtesan). 2) VAYU (wind). 10) SINDU (ocean). 18) KURARAPAKSHI (a.

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The sage should live alone in solitude, as it is better to live alone, datttatreya creating any unwanted noise, gossips. Through such unintermittent contemplation of its mother, the caterpillar too, soon grows up into a wasp! Living among many would create discord, disturbance, dispute and quarrel.

The caterpillar is also one of my teachers of wisdom.

Even at the time of death, whatever one’s mind focused on, one attains the same living species form in his next life. It opens spontaneously when the bud stage is over, and as it opens the sunlight streams into it naturally from all sides.

It has great stability. It never leaves its home, i.

24 Gurus | Sree Datta Vaibhavam

A seeker desirous of Liberation od in the same manner meditate on God as advised by the Guru so that he merges into God. Contemplating the marvelous nature of the ocean, I have gained much wisdom. A true sage never frightened by the death, knowing sooner or later he will get a new life based on his karmic actions. When a fish-hook fastened with bait is thrown into the water, the fish lured by the bait swallows the hook and gets caught. He drives the bees away and gathers honey.

24 Guru of Dattatreya : Nature is the Great Teacher

The Child evokes the happiness of freedom from material care. But the ant has something positive to teach us, too. Among the sense, tongue is the most difficult to be controlled. The ocean, which has taught me thus, is my eighth guru. I learnt patience and doing good to others from the EARTH, for it endures every injury man commits on its surface, and yet it does him good by producing crops, trees, etc.


Honeybee wanders from flower to flower and, without hurting them in the least, draws honey. Mar 21, The Wind symbolizes freedom of Truth.

Twenty Four Gurus

Navachaitanya Publishers,Shanivar Peth, Pune It is like the opening of a flower. Similarly a foolish man is enticed by the illusory pleasures of the visual senses and thus gets caught in the ceaseless cycles of birth and death.

Water It quenches the thirst of every creature. Similarly, the one real Self manifests itself as many selves of living creatures when reflected by their physical structures. The sage’s glory is like the fire, is made brighter by austerities, his knowledge and tapas; having no vessel other than his stomach.

They do not nurse a grudge or a prejudice against anyone. If he learns to conquer his craving for worldly things, he can spare himself much unhappiness. Just as in summer mountains quench the thirst of man with their springs so also one should develop the habit of talking melodiously so as to make others happy.

The Sky shows the Infinite Nature of Self. So to, the atman in different bodies seems to take on the qualities of the body, but in reality it is the same one everywhere. The sage should be like water free from all impurities and his speech should be as free as water flow and he should be down to earth without feeling proud. When the couple returned back, they saw their dear children were caught in net. His gudus being is totally free from emotional reaction to things and 224 even like the space.

The inner emptiness of sky i. The yogi was alerted to this obstacle while watching the fish. A python eats whatever comes in its way and satisfy, whether it is sufficient or not, bitter or sweet etc. So to stop that noise she removed some bangles and found that the gkrus was still there.


24 Gurus of Dattatreya – Gurus and subordinate Gurus

Its light is reflected in gutters, rivers, streams, puddles, and looks different according to the contents and qualities of the water, but in itself datratreya is the same.

If one constantly, devotedly without any sort of deviation mediates upon the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one will achieve a spiritual body just like that of the Lord, qualitatively.

During monsoons just as the sea is neither pleased if the rivers bring in plenty of water nor is displeased if they do not, and consequently does not swell or shrink, so also man should remain steadfast to his duties and should neither feel elated if he experiences worldly pleasures nor unhappy if he is faced with tragedy.

Fish Fish does not have control on its tongue. These trees remain dependent on others and cleanse themselves of the sins committed in their previous births by pleasantly serving others till they die. Seeing it eat only what came to it, not setting out in search of feed, Dattatreya learned the value of surrender. Passion and Sensual Desires will later or sooner bring down a sage from his spiritual progress. Thus freeing itself from so much botheration, it sighed in relief.

His queen was Devayani, the daughter of Rishi Shukracharya. From this, I learned that passions and 42 desires will soon bog down a spiritual aspirant who has a weakness for merely secular music, till he ultimately loses whatever spiritual progress he has achieved earlier.

She then wore one bangle each to her hands and finished her job. It neither eats it itself nor lets others feast upon it.