I thought this was a unique turn for the Dark Hunter series, but To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Basically, the Dark-Hunters are being approached by a demon named Stryker who is trying to convince them that Ash is not a good person and is instead an evil man who doesn’t care if they die. Part of the reason I feel so “meh” about this couple is that their love story takes a backseat to Kenyon’s world-building. Anyway, Alexion is sent in as judge, jury and executioner for a bunch of Dark Hunters that have gone rogue. Stryker — the leader of the Spathi Daimons. Terpaksa Ash ikut campur juga, dan setelah sampai di kayangan, Alexion menemukan Danger yg sehat dan cantik, di minta menemani Alexion selama nya uhuuii.. Xirena ends up bonding to Alexion which makes Alexion her master.

Originally posted on my blog. Part of the reason I feel so “meh” about this couple is that their love story takes a backseat to Kenyon’s world-building. There is a larger plot and it obviously is gonna have spoilers for earlier ones but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Each time I close one, I want to immediately open another. The supporting cast was great too. Siapa lagi dedengkot tukang fitnah nya selain taklain dan tak bukan, si Stryker, bokap nya Urian. Ias was the third Dark-Hunter made after Acheron. Want to Read saving….

After sinking Atlantis into the ocean and practically annihilating the world, the Greek gods imprisoned her in the nether world called Kalosis. Just look at what happened with Nick Gautier.

And who do we really read the books for?


alexoin Alexion is neither human, Dark-Hunter nor Shade. I like his relationship with Simi, but otherwise he’s boring. Want to Read saving…. Refresh and try again.

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Mar 20, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, straight onto Unleash The Night! Sheesh, if only my ex-husband had felt that way. En fin, en una palabra este libro fue un gran: Add in the fact the story spends an intense number of scenes with just Danger and Alexion building their relationship and mutual I-want-in-your-pants-and-in-your-heart, and my “I’m-not-feeling-it” for the romance is all of the what-the-fuckery!? The supporting cast was great too.

But every now and again a Dark-Hunter thinks himself above the Code. It had me hooked from the very start. Marco gets beheaded and Stryker blames it on Alexion. The lead darm in this novel was definitely unexpected.

Something light to lift your spirits certainly makes a good book even greater. She even stabs him in the heart within minutes of meeting him, but he’s okay with that. Both the storyline and the characters within this book be made of awesome-sauce. One the one hand, you’ve got some pretty damn spectacular plot conflict that is ginormously internally driven. She’s darm myopic pain.

Squire — someone who takes care of a Dark-Hunter. Apollymi — also known as the Destroyer, a powerful Atlantean goddess who destroyed everyone else in her pantheon over an event that nearly tore out her heart. This is where Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter alesion jumps the shark, in my opinion. Alexion knows he only has a few days before he has to kill himself to let the soul go free.


Sins of the Night

It’s very heavily borrowing on Christian themes. I thought this was a unique turn for the Dark Hunter series, but Nobody wants to piss her off because she will crush them. Sins of the Night by Sherrylin Kenyon 3 2 Jun 09, He hates Acheron with a passion and wants to see him dead. I love the way that they came together and got to know one another.

True, I prefer them living, but hey, I’m not picky. Of course I always love when we get some more info on Ash, which we definitely did in this one. And it seems this series is just an insta-love series.

He is Ash’s right hand and it is his job to execute Dark-Hunters who turn against Ash and start killing humans. And who could blame her? View all 10 comments. La trama del juez se me hace reciclada de la historia de Zarek.

He’s adorable and tortured and terrifying.

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And what happened to all the sex we got in this book?? They are the best comical interlude ever. Hope she keeps it up in the next book. Why is it bananas? But if the medallion is dropped before the soul reengages, the Dark-Hunter becomes a Shade.