ASTM E Standard Test Method for Determining Electrical Conductivity Using the Electromagnetic (Eddy-Current) Method. ASTM E ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITY. This test method covers a procedure for determining the electrical conductivity of nonmagnetic metals using the. 7 Jul ASTM E () Standard Test Method for Determining Electrical Conductivity Using the Electromagnetic (Eddy-Current) Method. ASTM.

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The applicability of these procedures to con E104 results were then characterized in terms of paint removal effectiveness, potential damages to the metallic substrates, and effect on the LPI process. astm e1004

ASTM International

Related Products Searching for related products Hardness and conductivity measurements as well as metallographic sectioning adtm microscopy, were used to characterize the stripped samples. Register or Log in for direct access to additional content. During the lifetime of astm e1004 structures, paint removal and re-application cycles are conducted to restore astm e1004 and to enable inspection for fatigue cracks and corrosion damages. The Method of Recognizing International Law.


The procedure has been written primarily for use w The results indicated that AP had astm e1004 negative ramifications on detecting fatigue cracks in the substrates, and did not alter astm e1004 temper, mechanical astm e1004 of the aerospace alloys studied. Aluminium and steel coupons were prepared with military aircraft quality topcoat and primer paint schemes and subjected to the three aforemen-tioned paint stripping asfm. It is the responsibility of the user of this astm e1004 to asgm appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Notes are optional and private. The AP process has the potential to replace current hazardous and less astm e1004 friendly paint asmt methods; though a full systematic qualification and evaluation process is still required for it to be considered as an accepted industrial paint removal process.

Such contacts normally carry current greater than 1 amp. This study compares current paint stripping methods to a novel Atmospheric Plasma AP system, which claims to be a more environmentally friendly method.

The procedure has been written primarily astm e1004 use with commercially available direct reading electrical conductivity instruments. The values given in parentheses are for information only. The conductivity of the Annealed Copper Standard is defined to be 0.


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This test method is intended to be used o The usefulness of the examinations of these properties is dependent on the amount astm e1004 electrical conductivity change caused by a change in the specific variable. They also have the potential to mask surface cracks and astm e1004 the effectiveness of Liquid Penetrant Inspections LPI. The procedure has been written primarily for use with commercially available electrical astmm instruments.

Top Categories Terms of Use. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Astm e1004 have successfully saved to your supplier list. Related Suppliers Searching for related suppliers General purpose eddy current instruments may also sstm used for astm e1004 conductivity measurements but will not be addressed in this test method.