Secret-services often participate in crimes and instigate terror in order to fulfill a strategic aim. Also, I think the “bojinka” word came from slang used in Bosnia during the fighting — not a real word that would appear in a Bosnian dictionary. This appears to be a pattern; for instance, he has a big drinking party in This sentance makes no sense at all. Murad was extradited to New York. If that’s not enough, the appropriate google search produces only one page which is about how the word is, despite claims, not serbocroatian. Some of my sources may be conflicting. After the Bojinka plot is exposed in the Philippines on January 6, see January 6, , most of the plotters are either arrested or flee the country.

Yousef had boarded the flight under the assumed name of Arnaldo Forlani, using a false Italian passport. Philippine and Western intelligence experts said in interviews that the investigation into the Bojinka plot has also provided disturbing evidence of the existence of a worldwide network of terrorists who received weapons training and firebrand religious indoctrination during the decade-long international effort to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. This sentance makes no sense at all. Philippine authorities say they have evidence that Mr. One of the main conclusions from the team of investigators, which included experts from the CIA and Israeli Mossad, and former KGB agents, is that the world is witnessing the dawn of a new age of “superterrorism”, when men with no moral restrictions on mass killing will use weapons of mass destruction. United States portal v t e This article is within the scope of WikiProject United States , a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of topics relating to the United States of America on Wikipedia. Kermitbuns with the note “Oplan was a misunderstanding by the author, thats a military acronym for Operations Plan.

The chart is based on what he is learning from interrogating Bojinka plotter Abdul Hakim Murad see February-Early Maywhile also drawing on a terrorism report he recently finished see December 15, and debriefings of a key undercover operative see Early February As the elite agents of the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force assembled yesterday to hunt for the perpetra tors of yesterday’s carnage, they will doubtless have recalled Yousef, and wonder whether his supporters are continuing his fight even as Yousef is held behind bars.

FBI agents, having held Operation Bojinka plotter Abdul Hakim Murad for about a month, write a memo containing what they have learned from interrogating him.

The report states Khalifa has founded at least eight organizations to fund terrorism: It is announced the men have ties to Sheikh Omar Abdul-Rahman and Ramzi Yousef and that they are being charged with stockpiling illegal firearms. They are found with guns and explosives. When it sounded, the occupants ran out, the cops walked in and looked around. The look of it is that it was mostly cribbed from a single source.


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Nacordo will go public with these accusations inwhen the Philippine congress launches an investigation into allegations of continued collusion between the government and Abu Sayyaf.

Put new text under old text. Project Bojinka was a plan to blow up 11 U. After a few weeks, he goes to Manila to make the bombs needed for the planned Bojinka plot see January 6, himself.

I like coming here as a quick reference. Wali Khan Amin Shah was on the board of directors of the company.

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They are like little mice. Bojinka Plotter Rendered to US. The Kuwaiti-born terrorist developed undetectable liquid nitroglycerine bombs that could be hidden in contact lens bottles, and plotted to kill the Pope and President Bill Clinton.

I’m also a native speaker and never heard the word. There is a lot of stuff peering into the thoughts of terrorists, and the lack of attribution throughout the article is troubling. Later inthe Philippine government will arrest several dozen suspected foreign terrorists and then let them go see April 1, Early The arresting officer, having lost his handcuffs, improvised a solution by tying Murad’s hands with the elastic cord taken from the officer’s raincoat.

Mendoza uses what he learns from Murad and other sources to make a flow chart connecting many key al-Qaeda figures together see Spring I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes, but in this time of the Patriot Act and terrorism, we should all really be more careful.

The blast killed a Japanese tourist seated near the explosive, which was taped under a seat in the economy section, and injured 10 others. Investigators also found phone numbers for Rose Masquera, Mohammed’s girlfriend. Yousef had created a virtually undetectable bomb. I can’t believe someone would just print that information in this day and age. It is simply a suicidal mission that he is very much willing to execute.

Shah escaped from custody about 77 hours later. In his confession to Filipino investigators, prior to the foiling of Operation Bojinka, Abdul Hakim Murad said that this part of the plot was dropped since the Manila cell could not recruit enough people to implement other hijackings. The blast blew a hole in the floor and the cabin’s rapid expansion severed several control cables in the ceiling, cutting off control of the plane’s right aileron, as well as both the pilot and first officer’s steering controls.


The IIRO is a major charity connected to the Saudi government that has long been suspected of financing Islamic militant groups see January This group is made up of Iraqi, Sudanese, Saudi, and Pakistani nationals.

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Many of the Bojinka plotters are arrested in the Philippines and then let go. He is found with nearly sticks of dynamite and other bomb making materials. This may be the restaurant frequented by KSM.

History Commons AlertExciting News. According to journalists Marites Vitug and Glenda Gloria, authors of the book Under the Crescent Moonagents hit Murad bojonka a chair and club of wood when he did not talk.

In SeptemberKarmilowicz allegedly received information that a Pakistani businessman with possible ties to the ISI was part of a plot to assassinate President Clinton during his November visit to Manila see September November 14, Both required an enormous amount of preparation and planning. promunciation

Anyways, I would like to find a complete list of flights that Yousef targeted so I can put it in the article. Media accounts at the time place Khalifa in Jordan, attending his retrial.

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If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the ongoing discussions. At least, I think this is what all the press accounts are based on; I am not sure exactly where the claim is first made and I have no clue whether or not the word is used there in such a way.

The Manila Times will report that while some Philippine investigators had been interested in apprehending him for years, others in the government had protected him. This plot would eventually be the base plot for the September 11 attacks which involved pronunciatiln commercial airliners, as opposed to small aircraft loaded with explosives, and crashing them into their intended targets. Customs Intercepts Associated Press Package.

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Riduan bin Isumuddin Hambali. Yousef carried out a practice run for the Bojinka plot.