And despite his line of business, he feels a strong hatred towards women who marry for money and are obsessed with designer labels. I’d add, she was the straight-man. I really liked the themes explored in this show, I just wished it didn’t suffer from a uneven tone, b all the melo over not being a Candy girl – always a totally unrealistic and ridiculous character, IMO and c MGY. I understand the messeage, but it was really overly beat into our heads. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. I missed all the secondary characters by the end, though I appreciate the attention paid to Tommy Hong and Yoon Joo. And I’ll add, she did a good job thinking on screen. During the dance ball, Han Se-kyung meets Cha Seung-jo, still unaware of Cha Seung-jo’s real identity; she asks to see the president of Artemis.

But she ruined this drama for me. It’s here if you wanted to take a look: But yeah, the way Yoon Joo was treated by that family. He didn’t have much to say and work with in my girl But what he does not know is that Han Se-kyung has left the party because of her shock of the news. In the end, this was more than just a romantic comedy; it made you think. That’s what I got from the scene in which Se Kyung said that living with your eyes half-open means being a grown-up.

Cheongdamdogn when she wakes up she just have memories of her dream and her sister imagines Alice living with this dream still in her memory and sharing it with others.

Thank you for commenting on this. Han Se-kyung’s best friend, Choi Ah-jung, accidentally sees her diary on how to get into Cheongdam-dong, and Han Se-kyung then confesses to her on what she is planning to do.

Otherwise the two wouldn’t find a reason to be together If anything, this was truly a character drama. Seung-jo feels like he just woke up into a nightmare.

Family’s Honor 1-54

It took me a while to realize that, but it also made me appreciate this drama even more, and appreciate what the writer was doing. Instead, he sends flowers to the funeral house to express his sorrow for his mother.

It’s as if you are saying that happy things can only survive in some sort of dream state. Having watched her grow up and achieve so much already, I have an inexplicable fondness for her. While I stopped watching, I follow your thoughts and comments. Also looking back even from episode 1 I don’t know if this could really be seen as light rom com though there were some pretty funny moments.


This would have been an epic rom-com if they kept the focus on him like that through the middle episodes. Some aspects of it may be realistic but it sure ain’t uplifting in the message in the end. But he also has moments of being an Alice trapped in a fantasy land where nothing makes sense.

[sinopsis] Cheongdam-dong Alice () | a little book of my life story..

If you understand what mgy is like in real life and how completely different she is to her character you will see how great she is He has obviously become a better actor I loved reading your recaps though!

Your detailed and thorough recaps added to my enjoyment of this drama. Seo Yoon-jo comes to visit Han Se-kyung late at night. Luckily, the writer left us with an ending stating “I know you’re not perfect, but I choose to take my chance on love with you.

SK’s approach was different. I had a lot of fun picking stuff out. Se-kyung delivers a box to the waiting messenger man at the lobby, and finds Seung-jo standing there. Shocked, Han Se-kyung hurries out the door and gets on a bus immediately. They represented two worlds that converged not because they closed their eyes but because they are a good match – equally driven, equally hard working, equally to give it all to their goal.

He was a hard worker too, he was no puppet, he wanted to make it on his own, a self-made man who was in a situation opposite to Han se’s. Han Se-kyung, already knowing that, pretends to be shocked.

If you’d wtch her other projects Time to grow up. The main problem about some viewers not liking it is because they wished the drama to go this way, but the drama went in another way that made them not happy and some happy. There was some amazing character growth with cheonggdamdong four main characters, sometimes subtle, sometimes really obvious but still very interesting. Just a lot of staring and big eyes.

The distinction was unmistakable when Seung Jo couldn’t understand why Se Kyung and the others were so determined to enter Cheongdamdong. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Oh cerota, thank goodness it’s over. As for the actors, I think you’re right about Moon Geun Young being sad but I don’t think she’s unskilled as an actress. He decides he is going to ask Han Se-kyung out the following day.


However, I really like the character of the Mad Hatter and no matter how, I can’t quite fit Seung-Jo because the Hatter is sort of outside episose time whereas Seung-Jo isn’t frozen by time, he was rich and in cheongdsmdong, became poor and got dumped, became rich again partly on his own and tried to get revenge then moved on to another love and dumped his new lover- ok, he may have been somehow caught in a cycle Or am I just not understanding this particular nugget of wisdom?

Cha Seung-jo happens to witness the scene and he orders the company not to go after So In-chan anymore. Something made me think the whole thing was all about Se-kyung – which may be the case – however, while watching it, I always felt like ding it becaus of PSH, and you just told me the word I was looking for.

Sigh and sigh again. Because I need you, I love you. Before SK and SJ got back together at the end, and she was interviewing for new things and moving on, and he was moving on too I think he developed some feelings, but they were more admiration than desire.

Please enter your username or email address. I understood heroine’s struggles and she became way more agreeable to watch. When Han Se-kyung returns home, she sees that her parents are ceriga after her sister, Han Se-jin. Han Se-kyung runs out, crying, and writes down what she must do in the future in order to marry a rich man.

He needs enough rest. When Heo Dong-wook knows about this situation, he tells Cha Seung-jo to tell his true identity to Han Se-kyung honestly. The whole drama had a feeling of pretentious and nauseating philosophy.

Well, at least Seung-jo was very unrealistic.