Top 5 theatre shows to see this week February March 3. Thankfully this is saved in style as the end sees us return to the very beginning, with the audience finding out what really happened in that nightclub. From this point forward Clickbait becomes darker, and the laughs come less often. By vocalising the comments made on social media, the outside world’s viewpoint of events are made. It feels like a very timely production to be making both as young women and as the next generation of theatre makers! What should I do if my child wants to be a performer? When a graphic video of Nicola surfaces online she determines not to be a victim, to use it to her advantage.

Reading Fringe Festival Highlights Her friends are appalled, as is her boyfriend Barney White. What should I do if my child wants to be a performer? Georgia Groome in Clickbait at Theatre , London. What sets Clickbait apart is the way the characters try to take control of a humiliating situation, to take ownership of it. Rob accidently ended up working in social housing as a temporary thing. What is the new normal once you’ve thrown away the rulebook? In fact, the real strength of this play is that offers no clean-cut answers, but asks many, many, many questions.

That is understandable, but a hard and cruel Nicola is a tough character to spend the bulk of this play with. Theatre was also kinder on the hearing, which had never recovered fully from the last Primal Scream gig he attended. As a writer, Thomas is fearless and while the subjective nature of the play’s style versus its content can be debated, I feel that Thomas is never happier than when she ventures to the edge of the abyss and clickbaiy the audience along with her.

Click here for tickets. Entertaining Mr Sloane – Theatre Review. How theatrf feels remains frustratingly out of reach. The change in Nicola from innocent 19 year old to powerful businesswoman with a cold, business-like attitude towards sex risks clouding over what I clcikbait was the important issue. She is being blackmailed.


She needs to own it. From this point forward Clickbait becomes darker, and the laughs come less often.

Things should be getting a bit uncomfortable, but the jokes keep coming. Recently there have been a number of plays exploring what happens when sexually explicit material gets shared online, when something so personal and intimate becomes public: A perfect end to a fantastic play.

Milly Thomas’s CLICKBAIT Begins Tonight at Theatre503

Her sassy performance is a welcome counterpoint to the worries and anxieties of the older sisters. The Upcoming was staged at Theatre in July to sold-out audiences.

Creative producer Lian Wilkinson: Director Holly Race Roughan ramps up the speed and the humour. Clickbait never attempts to answer its central questions. This was one of those rare occasions where I had no idea how the story would end. Their facial expressions demonstrate all we need to know about what is happening. Rather than be in a position to be blackmailed, she posts her copy of it online, so the threat of it couldn’t hang over her head.

The play follows Nicola who, threatened with the release of an amateur sex video, makes a snap decision to post it online herself. These lines though are important, showing both how attitudes change almost theatrd the minute, and in demonstrating the abuse people feel free to issue online. Most Popular Articles in the past seven days. She decides to take control, releasing it online herself, becoming an internet star.

Clickbait is fast-paced, theatee, very funny. When a graphic video of Nicola surfaces online she determines not to be a victim, to use it to her advantage. That was ten years ago and hasn’t clicbait around to leaving just yet as it fits nicely in with his political views of the world. So whilst I was not a fan, I appreciated its necessity. We and our partners use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Namely how women are perceived when it comes to the consumption of porn.

CLICKBAIT, Theatre – Review | Female Arts

Holly Race Roughan Producers: How social media secured a Broadway transfer 053 Be More Chill. Win tickets to see The War of the Worlds.

The woman at the centre of the storm is Nicola Georgia Groome. There are sex toys aplenty, riotously funny lines, fruity language and even some slapstick. A vicious and vindictive way to shame and humiliate women.

Clickbait benefits from a real energy. This site uses them to make your experience better. What began as a drunken night in a dirty club ends with a unique business opportunity for Nicola and her two sisters as they start a network of amateur porn video ‘booths’.

When does sexual freedom veer out of control? Adam Barney WhiteNicola’s boyfriend – who was in the UK when Nicola was abroad – is initially angered and mortified by what’s transpired.

Review: Clickbait, Theatre 503 ‘Smart and Challenging’

As she quickly escalates to testing sex toys on a webcam for cash, she and her sisters-cum-business partners remain just fine with things. Clickbait, Theatre, courtesy of Oliver King. While the filmed vlickbait is the catalyst for the events in the first half, the tone then is one of satire, where observations about sex, relationships and social norms are are entwined with gallows humour. Contact us Advertise thewtre us Join our team. Post your comment Submit. Clickbait, Theatre — Review Pros: Enter your email address below to get an occasional email with Exeunt updates and featured articles.