2 May Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. by Jeffrey D Sachs. pp, Allen Lane, £ After no little delay, the economists have now. Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. Article (PDF Available) with Reads. Cite this publication. Jeffrey David Sachs at Columbia University. In his view, the challenges are serious but soluble, and at a modest cost relative to Americans’ wealth; he offers numerous concrete suggestions for action.

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I remember appreciating all the statistics on population growth in countries least able to take care of those populations, and remember wondering in high school how anybody could be against common wealth economics for a crowded planet control including abortion after reading Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb. While the truth can sometimes be horrifying especially exposures of the Bush administration’s hindrance on so many Fantastic book by Sachs, really an encyclopedic reference for the biggest challenges facing humanity.

But he offers hope when he tells us “global cooperation… [has] been enormously successful in the past. Yes, there is a huge amount of coal left and a number of countries, including China and the US, are investing in coal-to-oil plants.

The problem preventing an end to poverty is, as you say, not the absence of solutions, but common wealth economics for a crowded planet inability to agree on what the best solution is. To ask other readers questions about Common Wealthplease sign up. There is a lot of information in this book. Sure, he provides examples, but I remain convinced that each country is so fundementally different that what works in Belarus cannot work in Bermuda and vice versa.

In the meantime, we need to devise practical solutions to resolving these issues. Email required Address never made public. Mar 03, Mike rated it really liked it.

Accountability of government and the private sector 5. Personally, I think things need to get much smaller and localized, be it schools, businesses, governments, or whatever. He also tells us that “the public sector, private sector, and not-for-profit sector including foundations and academia ” has, and is, playing an important role… ” Successes include: Sachs came on VOA and gave a big interview parroting Pedro Sanchez about how if we sent more money common wealth economics for a crowded planet Africa, we could plant more nitrogen-fixing trees, and then all the soils would be mu InI was working as an agroforestry extension agent in a remote village in Africa.

Changes in ocean chemistry US: It is dark and it is forboding, but I can’t decide whether it is the subject-matter and my understanding of the decided nature of humanity to ignore problems or if it is Mr. I hope every public representative in the world reads this.


Articles Editors’ Blog Podcasts. These conflicts destabilize sealth struggling states, and the rich nations often find themselves sucked into these conflicts for national security reasons.

In Jeffrey Sachs warned us in this book that “the worlds current ecological, demographic and economic trajectory is unsustainable. I agree that worldwide action is urgently needed, but am disappointed by what I view as weak arguments in support of his positions.

Commonwealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, by Jeffrey Sachs

One glaring hole is that Sachs makes no mention of his own role in planning, promoting, and selling the economic shock therapy which caused so much misery, suffering, and death in both Poland and Russia during the early s.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe I’m underselling it, but the point is that developed wealtb have it in their best interest to help underdeveloped nations in a green fashion. But its costs and difficulties require bringing in conservation behavior, efficiency in the production of energy services, and alternative primary energies as well. This is especially shitty since he references some of the worst perpetrators of forced sterilization when he discusses successful projects to reduce fertility rates.

Preview — Common Wealth common wealth economics for a crowded planet Jeffrey D.

He suggests the private sector has two core responsibilities besides making a profit at our expense, see comment below on true costs: Well, I guess I can forgive him for this view; if most of us were wiser about these issues, would we be in the situation we’re in today?

China’s adding the equivalent of two megawatt coal-fired plants per week. We certainly need a common wealth economics for a crowded planet more realistic, scientific basis for policies, we certainly need better international cooperation, we certainly need an understanding of the links between poverty, environmental degradation, climate change, energy, and more, and Sachs does a wealh job of arguing for these things.

See All Goodreads Deals…. Conflicts directly between two states, which resulted in military and political victories for one side, are much less common. The only help these gifts can accomplish is o sustain the marginal existence of whoever receives a bag of foodstuffs. In the long run, our main concern should be crosded the total supply of fossil fuels, rather than with oil alone.

Steele gave a really nice overview and critique of this book, which I will paste here for my own reference later I hope the wind can swiftly return to those sails.

Still, looking through this, Common wealth economics for a crowded planet recommend it even today as providing some helpful and hopeful suggestions for a new American Revolution! Crowdex About Common Wealth: I barely want to be in the United States, as a political entity, since our federal government has become so useless and corrupt. May 13, Erika Econlmics rated it liked it.


There are about 18, gigatons of Weallth equivalent of conventional oil, natural gas, and coal not counting methane hydrates in the surface of the earth, of which we have burnt about 1, gigatons since the beginning of the industrial revolution, raising atmospheric CO2 from ppm to ppm.

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Rischard, to name but a few. If you common wealth economics for a crowded planet a geek and have time on your hands, by all means buy this book. But change happens, fundamental change of the kind that Sachs points out that the world needs, only when organized forces struggle to make it happen.

Given the fact that I still talk to people who claim global warming is just a ‘theory’ yes, I know what a theory isI think the real problem is changing the common wealth economics for a crowded planet of humanity which will not happen and education which Mr.

Increased natural hazards 7. His most useful contribution at the moment is to put a price on the change he wishes to see, with clear calculations showing what it would cost to stop biodiversity loss, solve African poverty, halt AIDS or bring population growth under control.

Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet – Jeffrey Sachs – Google Books

Sachs also points out the danger of excessively large population growth coupled with fast economic growth. No amount of central planning, government investment, or financial aid can ever commmon the unfettered energy and activity that can come from the efforts of the multitudes at the bottom. His analyses conveniently leave out any data that gets in the way of simple, workable compromises: Notify me of new posts via email. Thanks for your detailed and insightful comments Bill.

He does a good job of common wealth economics for a crowded planet these problems and arguing that we must tackle them in concert. Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey D. The “soft issues” of the environment, public health, and population will become the hard issues of geopolitics.