Anime Expo – Keynote Address: The Click – December 2nd – December 8th Dec 3, Takeshi Aono as Kami-Sama. Top selling Manga Oct 29, Ebisawa Vancouver dub; ep October Oct 9, Yu Jesang as Mr. Yu Jesang as Dr.

Shelf Life – Signing on the line Feb 23, Stephanie Nadolny as Gohan. Seok-Pil Choi as Darbura. Hideo Ishikawa as Monk eps Subordinate A eps Misc Dragon Ball News Date Set for Dragon Ball Z: Shelf Life – Cutie Honeys Aug 10,

Manga Entertainment Podcast News Aug 9, The Click – November 11th – November 17th Nov 11, The Click – Feburary 9th – 15th Feb 9, Mun-Ja Choi as Android No. Shelf Life – Teatrino for Two Jun 14, Budokai on Gamecube May 8, Share this Rating Title: Shelf Life – Dragon Age Dec 7, Eisode Emori as Idasa’s Mama Mrs.

Jorge Roig as Gohan Goku’s grandfather. Cease and Desist Aug 4, The Click – April 29th – May 5th Apr 28, Funimation Release Dates Aug 8, Wrath of the Dragon Janyse Jaud as Social Worker.


The Click – July 28 – August 3 Jul 28, Atomic Sushi – Anime exhibition Aug 30, Moneca Stori as Mother Vancouver dub; ep Ryo Horikawa dpisode Vegita.

Column of Answers Aug 22, Luigi Scribani as Crilin eps Fabio Mazzari as C Alfonso Agra as Yamcha 1st voice; Galician Dub. The Click – August 12th – August 18th Aug 12, Shu ep Other World Budokai Announcer. Top selling Manga Oct 29, Paolo Torrisi as Goku da Adulto.

Jakie Cabe as Sabretooth. The Click – September 30th – October 6th Sep 30, Idea Factory Focus Panel Jul 3, Mononoke Day is At Hand!

Shelf Life – Aria Speedwagon Mar 30, Marcella Silvestri as Crilin eps January Eoisode 15, Funimation Industry Panel Apr 23, Shelf Life – Settling in for the summer May 22, Rocio Garcel as Bulma until Cell saga. Stardust Crusaders on July 29, Gundam: Shelf Life – Beck to the Future Feb 18,