This article uses material from the Wiki pedia page available here. Carlo is traumatized and refuses to sing a composition by his older brother Riccardo for his voice teacher, Nicola Porpora. The musical recording was made at a concert hall, the Arsenal in Metz , with the orchestra Les Talens Lyriques. Carlo receives a letter from Handel, who wants to hear Carlo sing in Dresden. That evening, Handel meets with Farinelli backstage. Add Farinelli Film to your PopFlock. A newly castrated boy runs in and warns Carlo that his voice will result in death, then kills himself. Alexandra, who is in love with Carlo, steals some of Handel’s music for Carlo to perform.

He asks Carlo to come to England and perform, but Riccardo demands to be included. Farinelli Theatrical release poster. Carlo proposes to her, but she refuses out of respect for her late husband. Unnerved by Handel’s offer, Carlo faints on stage. Additionally, few actors are depicted wearing wigs , which was practically mandatory for the main characters given their social status. Jersey City, New Jersey. Together, the brothers make love to Alexandra. Johann Adolf Hasse composer:

Together, the brothers make love farinellii Alexandra. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. He impresses the Comtesse Mauer Marianne Baslera beautiful and rich young woman more interested in books than opera.

This matches fairly well the actual situation at the time, when French was the lingua franca of Europe, faeinelli as English is throughout the world today, and most letters, commentaries, official documents and books were written in French even well beyond the borders of France.

The relationship between the Broschi brothers including their sexual exploitsthe rivalry with Handel, and Farinelli ” rock star ” fame are spurious.

He tells Farinelli the secret of his castration complt allows him to sing the stolen music.


Beguiled by Handel, Riccardo reveals in a flashback-within-a-flashback that Carlo was a superb singer as a child, and when their father died, the fear of losing that voice prompted him to drug Carlo and castrate him illegally, then promise to compose for him a great opera: New York City, New York.

Searching Riccardo’s house for the stolen music, Handel confronts him and sabotages the relationship. Although Dionisi provided the speaking voice originally in FrenchFarinelli’s singing voice was provided by the Polish soprano Ewa Malas-Godlewska and a countertenorDerek Lee Raginwho were recorded separately and then digitally merged to recreate the sound of a castrato.

Carlo proposes to her, but she refuses out of respect for her late husband. This article uses material from the Wiki pedia page available here.

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The prologue begins with Carlo Broschi, the famous castrato Farinelli, reminiscing about his childhood as a singer in the church choir. Nicola Porpora’s disheveled and scruffy appearance is historically inaccurate, and more appropriate for a commoner of the era than a wealthy and distinguished composer. A director’s cut blu-ray edition was released in France, Italy, and South Korea, but all of them lack English subtitles. After falling unconscious from blood losshe is brought to the house Carlo and Alexandra share, where he recovers.

A self-satisfied Handel departs; Carlo waits for him in vain.

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As Riccardo listens to Carlo sing, he is overwhelmed by guilt and the broken relationship, and attempts suicide by slashing his wrist. Carlo has never forgiven Riccardo, but Alexandra, who understands the bond between the brothers, tries to reconcile them: Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

The rest farjnelli the film is told in flashback. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Riccardo Broschi had much less importance in Farinelli’s career than is depicted in the film, while Porpora’s influence and that of other composers of the Neapolitan School is de-emphasized.


That evening, Handel meets with Farinelli backstage. In many scenes Riccardo Broschi speaks to his brother in Italian, while Carlo replies in French; also, the English court visiting the Covent Garden Theatre speaks in French to the actors and composers, and that also is fairly acceptable from an historical standpoint.

The relationship between the two brothers deteriorates. Carlo had been injured in a fall from a horse, and the castration surgery was necessary to save his life. Carlo receives iflm letter from Handel, who wants to hear Carlo sing in Dresden. Additionally, few actors are depicted wearing wigswhich was practically mandatory for the main characters given their social status. Carlo begins to make love to her, then Riccardo steps in to complete the act.

Walther van den Ende. Trailer Farinelli Ensemble Boreades. Although settings, scenery, costumes and props are historically accurate, the producers took many liberties with the physical appearances of the characters.

It centers on the life and career of the 18th-century Italian opera singer Carlo Broschi, known as Farinelliconsidered the greatest castrato singer of all time; as well as his relationship with fxrinelli brother, composer Riccardo Broschi. The plot is completely fictional. The film ends as Riccardo leaves Madrid to seek his fortune as a composer, taking comfort in the fact that in leaving Carlo with a child to father, he has given his brother back his “share of humanity.