Four Seasons Sunrooms are top of the line, and probably the best quality of anything out there. I believe there is a design issue here that will not be resolved with any amount of caulk!!! We would not be opposed to using Four Seasons again. We’re sorry to hear that you’re disappointed, Anthony. Every time I called to complain I was met with a very hostile member of staff who at best was just unpleasant to deal with. June 13, Four Seasons impressed me when I went in there so I ended up getting their services.

At Four Seasons Sunrooms and Windows, our goal is to exceed your expectations. The actual raising of the room was done by a different group and they were also very professional. Sometimes there are things beyond our control but we believe moving forward our communication will improve and we are working diligently to resolve service needs. We’re happy to hear how pleased you are with the final product on your solarium, April! If you or your husband ever need a hand with anything else, feel free to let us know. We are so grateful that you chose us for your sunroom, Ted! We got what we wanted in the end.

It’s great to hear that the quality of our work is still shining torontk. It tends to be a poisoned work environment. At that point I asked him if he was implying that I should make a decision about the room based only on his verbal statement and he then back tracked, said he could put something torojto writing for me but he would need to get advice and this may take a while.

Rebecca, We are so excited to see that Four Seasons ability to go above and beyond with your custom window was exactly what you wanted. When the contractors came, I asked one of them to leave a little clump of a thing that had to be taken out so Sunrooks could plant it later.


We live in a townhome and wanted to add to our main floor living space.

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The room is positioned in the right spot, where most of the breeze goes through during the hot weather in summer. I the customer signed a contract through my local builder to install a Four Seasons sun room July Please feel free to contact us at x so we can discuss this further.

The work that they did was okay but I wouldn’t recommend them to anybody. My elderly, widowed Mother had a Four Seasons sunroom installed in Maythat has had a separation gap at the side wall. It was then that I informed her that complainfs meeting with Willy had gone very badly and that I was seeking advice from my attorney.

The salesman was okay. They would probably try to correct that. We even had sunroims windows that were specially ordered, and they came in before they were supposed to. I think they could be better. We’re very happy to hear that the new one is worth all five stars. They put no footing on the contract though. We purchased the sunroom from Four Seasons and then had it installed.

We liked the quality of their work. I put in Four Seasons Sunroom two years ago. Lana, we couldn’t be happier to know how pleased you are with the finished project. The mess was kept to a minimum, too.

Four Seasons had installed a sunroom into a seaasons home in Chester and I wanted a sunroom as an addition put on my home. All Four Seasons sunrooms, conservatories and patio rooms come with warranties that are transferable to new homeowners if the house is sold. A link has directed you to this review.

When I stated this torronto Willy and told him I didn’t accept his explanation he got very agitated and began speaking to me in an aggressive manner, at this point I said we could discuss climate control later and should focus on the leaking roof at which he replied very aggressively that he would not discuss the climate fohr the room with me later.


When I was looking for windows, I went on the computer and one rep of Four Seasons Sunrooms most likely read my memo and they contacted me. Four Seasons Sunrooms – Worst experience I ever had in life.

They have complaihts good product and I would recommend them to anybody. They had to rebuild the baseboard because it was rotted out.

The sales reps walked us through the different options. The installer told me he would take them down for me and not to worry about it.

It took him a day to do it. They came back and repaired them.

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Enjoy your amazing view look forward to seeing the finished landscaping next summer. Most of the details were worked out, but not all of them.

The sales representative that came out was very knowledgeable. Their salesperson there was really good at keeping all kinds of information. They also cleaned up after themselves and if they had anything on their feet, they made sure that they took their shoes off when they came inside.

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The job was well done and we would highly recommend Four Seasons Sunrooms. I’ve been waiting for three months now. Right from the very beginning the room was never properly sealed, every time it rained water came through the roof in multiple areas.