Holding up four fingers like you won a prize instead of selling your damn soul? This video is not hosted on Sandrarose. Ulcers and high blood pressure are no joke. Bad Breath on D! Cycle didn’t stop until she moved out of state. I want to say first or second season. I just hollered in their place of business!

I don’t watch the show either. Does anybody else remember Rah use to mess around with Manceeceeess? Name tags for all of these offspring and BMs. She knew Rah and the chick she brought to the showcase had a deep seeded beef going on. I just hollered in their place of business! She is older than me and I truly used her as a example of what NOT to be. I can only imagine the stupidity for lhhatl.

OK you phucked my now husband!!!

They already care less about what anyone says or thinks Not no Plan B. Why does a person refuse to accept when they’re being ignored? Somebody write Mona this idea and tell her me and Sucker Free need our check. She was a glue sniffer sis?

Rah also furnished women for Man-disease to fugg. And I am very angry that kids are involved. But Amina wasnt wrong in this situation shes just a dummy who believed in a man who wasnt worth beilieving in. Now Man-disease is in jail It’s a shame she has such low self esteem that she keeps settling for this loser.

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How can a woman be with a man for 15 yrs and end up being the side chick. Lol you on one this morning. Yandy is mad because Rah fugged Man-disease. Maybe it wasnt a move but an eviction.


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They will suffer ssason most. You know he over there with other chick though. We will see when Tara pregnant again in two seasons. I had to pause and say wait what?! Im not a fan of Rah bur she right That’s why Chrissy didn’t trust her round her man.

Bih you know why?! I think she would look more stupid to claim a false abortion. Peter has teenagers out here. Yes he loves her but why I hate when people like Brenden get mad cause the surgeon told them that even with the foreskin, they don’t have enough penis to convert into a vagina, so their best option is to get an anal rejuvenation to tighten up the booty walls!!

Or at the start of the next epusode once Amina have numma Seasin crazy how he was questioning her moral compass when his has been going in the wrong direction for many years right now. Chrissy was hip to Yandy because Yandy tried the funny style on her by portraying her as a homewrecker because Jimmy was with her best friend, and when he left to be with Chrissy, Yandy had nothing to serve but shade, then plays innocent like why does she wanna fight me?


She seems a lil ‘touched’. While Yandy sits at home and figures out how to come up with a name for that talcum powder she’s about to make between her legs. From her first appearance.

Cardi is what you see is what you get. Tara was always e;isode side chick. If he really loved Tara. Went off on somebody the other day on Aeason, like days ago.

Peter running around like he got the same situation and she read him good. Had a baby, had a abortion or two, had another baby, had a abortion, this chit went on for years. Whoop there it is He also said he ain’t the marrying type? But the bitch is passive aggressive mad and bothered. Peter married Amina so she could have a green card. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be so bothered by Peter marrying someone else.

You have to give her credit, even if she is bothered; she stays saving face and being a professional Yandy def looks better than her No, she ddotpmen and sound ridiculous.

I never seen so much glitter sequins sew ins belts earrings bracelets necklaces eye shadow in all my life.