Wendell Corey in Man-Eater of Kumaon () Man-Eater of Kumaon () Wendell Corey, Jimmy Moss, Joy Page, and Sabu in Man-Eater of Joy Page and . Man-Eaters of Kumaon has ratings and reviews. Ridhika said: This book was a little difficult for me to rate. The prime reason being that I am a. Man-Eaters of Kumaon (Oxford India Paperbacks) [Jim Corbett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jim Corbett was every inch a hero.

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All in all a good read though, for Jim Corbett’s love for the jungle if not anything else! Pandemonium had broken loose on the ridge.

They emptied all their guns and gave a final yell, and I was holding my breath and listening for the screams that would herald the tigress’s arrival on the ridge, when she suddenly broke cover to my maheater front and, taking the stream at a bound, came straight for the gorge.

Apr 29, Varun Nayak rated it really liked it. When I raised my hand and beckoned, he disappeared into the undergrowth, but a little later, with drooped eyes and drooping ears, he crept silently to my feet. Kipling’s Jungle Kumano were fiction, based on great knowledge of jungle life; Corbett’s stories are fact, and fact is often stranger than fiction.

He kills a cobra by throwing rocks at it. An illustrated history of Indian literature in English. As soon as the tiger and its victim were out of sight, the terror-stricken women and girls ran back to the village.

Man-Eater of Kumaon () – IMDb

Turning round I saw a man armed with a rifle coming towards me. To ask other readers questions about Man-Eaters of Kumaonplease sign up. A must read for everyone that loves adventures and wilderness.

My bullet, fired more with the object of deflecting him than with any hope of killing or even hitting him, passed under his belly and went manetaer the fleshy part of his left thigh.

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Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett

On the third occasion the one man who was armed with a gun fired it off, and brought the tiger roaring out of the bushes; after this the attempted rescue was very wisely abandoned. The people of our hills are Mwneater and cremate their dead, and when one of their number has been carried od by a man- eater it is incumbent on the relatives to recover some portion of the body for cremation even if it be only a few splinters of bone.

The stories were titled, “Wild Life in the Village: I had gone but a short distance along the edge of the ravine when I came on the tracks of the stampeding cattle, and following these tracks back I had no diffi- culty in finding the spot where the cow had been killed.

I’m not saying this is the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read. This is the first book I have read about hunting and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I cant give another negative comment on the content because this was my first book on the genre and being a closet amateur wildlife enthusiast I loved the nuggets of wisdom given throughout the book about the behavior, actions and reactions of the big cats to different situations.

I rested in the village while a dish of tea was being prepared for me and told the people who thronged round how the man- eater had been killed. The village was situated on the top of a long ridge running east and west, and just below the road on which I had spent the night the hill fell steeply away to the north in a series of grassy slopes; on these slopes I was told ghooral were plentiful, and several men volunteered to show me over the ground. The chapter on Robin, Corbet’s hunting dog, is by itself worth the price of the book.

I came to know a lot of things about tigers which I hadn’t earlier. Admittedly a very difficult beat, for the steep hillside mandater north, on manester I had left the tigress, was densely wooded and roughly three-quarters of a mile long and half-a-mile wide; however, if I could get the beaters to carry out instructions, there was a reasonable chance of my getting a shot.


In all cases where killing is done by stalking or stealth, the victim is approached from behind. JC is a great storyteller Leaving his little less miserable brothers and sisters, he walked once round me, and then curled himself up between my big feet.

May 06, awesomatik.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon

This book is a collection of stories of man eater from the Kumaon region of modern day Uttarakhand where Jim spent about two decades shooting tigers that had terrorized the locals.

Leopards, unlike tigers, are to a certain extent scavengers and become man-eaters by acquiring a taste for human maneayer when unrestricted slaughter of game has deprived them of their natural food.

When’ it was half-way down it disappeared into heavy grass, and disturbed two ghooral that had been maneatef up there. Major Corbett’s company some part of such holidays as I have contrived to take during my time in India, I can with confidence write of him that no man with whom I have hunted in any continent better understands the signs of the jungle.

Leaving the woman lying kuman she had fallen, the tigress limped off for a distance of over a mile and took refuge in a little hollow under a fallen tree.

Corbett is so good at his writing and narrative style, so that I experienced the incredible wilderness and the fascinating animals so intimately for the first time in my life! Moving down-wind for fifty yards we entered the thick undergrowth, and started to stalk the deer not a difficult task, for Robin can move through any jungle as silently as a cat, Robin gfi and long practice has taught me where to place -my feet.