Views Read Edit View history. Maganda rin ang concept. Tomas tells her that Lora has found out that she has given birth and he has hid her sons from her. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Lora confronts her and Alondra begs her not to take Joaquin from her; Lora slaps her and assures her that she would take back everything from her. The series was originally set to air on January 28, As his auntie is freed from prison, he sees his affection for his brother and asks her if she could treat him like a son like his brother. She later asks Berto to speak to her because she needs some guidance.

Inigo tells them that they would push through the case against Javier after this. That he envies Alexander and the recent suspicion of Javier being involved in car theft business, he tries to make people think as if he’s just trying to ruin his own brother’s name by taking Javier’s side and telling people Alexander’s only doing this because he is jealous of Javier’s strong relationship with their mother. She tries to throw this out by continually telling herself that she doesn’t love him and that he’s only using Javier to keep Joaquin from loving Lora again. Young Kaye 8 episodes, Angel Aquino In Gabrielle’s funeral he shares his experiences with her being his best friend and being the one by his side in laughter and sorrow, in sadness and happiness she never left his side and cares more for others and their happiness instead of hers. He is trapped by his brother and hits him. After months the three found new members and kidnapped the owners of the adjacent apartment from Remedios’ family with the Del Tierro’s including Javier visiting. She also finds out that he was responsible of the drugs that was planted on her and is determined to find where her sons are.

Now that she lives beyond the mountains because of taking amnesty, she has no choice but to see her former husband Jaime once again bringing painful memories. Unfortunately she gets shot along with her mother.


Minsan lang kita iibigin

Meanwhile, he suspects that something bad has happened and looks for Gabrielle. She helps Lora to pack Remedios’ things up before Remedios’ funeral. The truth between the twin brothers are revealed after Gabrielle, Alexander, Krista and Javier meet face to face. He along with his brother Ibon with Tiago are later captured and after months of being in prison in the military camp, they decide to take on amnesty to be freed and to take their revenge. Feeling as if his father, grandfather, Lora has turned his back on him except Alondra who bailed him out of prison after.

Archived from the original on He finds his sense of belonging with new group of friends, and end up getting involved in car theft business.

Jaime lies to Joaquin after hearing the news of Lora’s disappearance and tells him that she has been found dead, thinking that she has decided to follow her mother to the mountains instead.

Fortunately she managed to get out of the house and was not involved in the attack but forces herself back in for her fiancee and for Remedios and Lora.

Upon the decision of the Chief of Staff, he spearheaded the investigation of carnapping incidents and suspects that Javier has been involved, even though he thought right, he failed to prove it from the evidences he has gathered.

Her rejection to Javier and her closeness to Alexander causes the twins to further drive apart. And that Gabrielle has threw out and damaged her pride because of her affection teleseryr Alexander. Audible Download Audio Books.

She visits Kaye at work and asks her to put their differences aside, it was then that they started becoming friends until Kaye’s confrontation concerning the picture of her with Alexander this leads Gen. Berto tells him that she has gone on and followed Javier portraying Alexander suspecting iiibigin something wrong is going on that she can’t point out.

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She finds Mimi who fortunately made teleeserye an alibi. He confronts Lora and insults him. Allondra Sebastiano-del Tierro episodes, John Estrada She is the object of Berto’s affection but her heart belongs to Alexander. Lora asks him to talk to her outside and had their conversation where Javier has completely turned her back on his real mother thinking that he is with his real family.


ActionDramaRomanceFamily. Edgardo Oibigin episodes, Young Mimi 1 episode, As they hold Alondra in captive he tries to save himself but faces Krista, his love of his life and Javier in the back of him and dies as Javier shoots him in defence.

Before he gets caught, he runs off and finds Tomas face to face and does what minssan does best and takes his revenge. She is surprised to hear that they would help her despite all her wrongdoings and she asks for forgiveness from her family and lastly God as the military forces fail to stop castt bombs planted around her.

For the film, see One Great Love film. He escapes as they see Lora driving off and eventually sees Lora at gunpoint, frightened that she’d get shot, she runs to her and covers for her and gets shot.

Doctor uncredited 3 episodes, Her plan falls apart as Lora wakes up and in a reverse of events, Lora captures her and iibiggin her up and covers her mouth thus causing her not to shout when Javier comes in and shoots her. This leads Javier thinking that his family can revolve around him instead. Javier apologises to her and immediately forgives him after all, they’re best friends.

Zulueta uncredited 1 episode, He tells her that for years he’s given himself to her just like what she did for Alexander and feels as if he is invincible besides him.