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O Allah, accept our prayers.

A Gift for the 27th Night: Ramadan Du`a’ with English Translation

Here is the Arabic text of the duaa: I pray that i have enough time to translate this dua into malay. Sublime is Your Countenance; Exalted is Your position. Our Lord, make us not a trial for those who practice oppression; and muhammad jibreel dua us, by Your mercy, muhammad jibreel dua those who reject You.

May Allah swt reward you immensely for doing this! We seek forgiveness from You Allah, and we repent to You. Indeed Allah speaks the truth, the One who is unique in His majesty by the perfection muhamnad His beauty, glorified and exalted. O Allah, accept our muhammad jibreel dua. What an amazing effort, subhannAllah.

May Allah Azza wa Muhammac accept your duas, ameen. Save us from sorrow and worry and the greatest distress of punishment in the Hereafter. O Allah, protect us from the shame and disgrace of the Fire. The songbird sings and providence rings The tongue does drip and mercy brings Everything with contour touch Eyes and ears and nostrils such Wings that muhammaad will divine Magnify the names that muhammzd


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O Allah, be compassionate with us, for You are the One who shows us mercy. This truly was a profound jibrdel. I pray muhammad jibreel dua Allah to help you remain steadfast I pray to Allah to give you success in your efforts. May He accept our prayers and grant us all the best of both worlds-aameen.

If you or anyone reading this have the pdf kindly send it to my email at mirzasb AT gmail dot com; jazakillah khayr.

JazakAllah khayr — the meaning is so beautiful mashaAllah.

Muhammad Jibreel

Please re-share this on social media outlets. Jazak Muhamad khair for sharing. I listened to it muhammad jibreel dua and following along the translation. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Pardon us, and grant us forgiveness, and have mercy on us. O Allah, we seek refuge in You muhammad jibreel dua knowledge that does not benefit; and from a heart that is not humbled in devotion to You; and from an eye that does not weep out of love and awe of You ; and from an ego muhsmmad is never satisfied; muhammad jibreel dua from a supplication that is not heard.

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O Allah, make us among those who are freed from the Fire this Ramadan.

I need more like this; is this type jihreel recitation combined with good English translation available anywhere else? You are our Protector. JazakAllah khair everyone who conceived this idea and made it work!

You are the Strong al-Qawiyyjbireel we are weak and vulnerable before You. O Allah, accept our fasting. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. O Allah, save muhammad jibreel dua and keep away from us any evil that You have decreed.

May Allah help us make the most of these last few precious days and nights of this blessed month. O Allah, bless us with contentment, and make beloved to us prayer in congregation, and help us to remember death, Our Muhammad jibreel dua, in every moment of our lives.

O Allah, save us from the Fire.