Il fo ke Sanam retourne, il y a plu de sens la serie c 1spectacl stupide!!!! Gaffur lectures Rashid to get his affairs sorted out, set right Ayaan’s behaviour and get him to work. Welcome, Login to your account. Watching Dilshad wait desperately for Rashid to no avail makes Asad angry. After helping Zoya get bail, Asad passes harsh comments about Zoya and strictly warns her to respect his household norms and his family. Rashid, on the other hand, is forced to stay back home as Nikhat’s prospective groom and family arrive at the doorstep just as he is about to leave home to visit Asad.

After Najma cuts her hair to get rid of the chewing gum stuck to it, Zoya decides to fix her hair by placing a wig. While walking lost in her thoughts, seher collides into tanveer, who mocks her asking when did she get blind too, or is blinded by the veil of love. Haseena queries Shireen and Razia about who is Asad Khan by saying that a man of that name has been called for the wedding as a guest. But Rashid is tense as he is not able to visit Asad. Shireen apologises to Rashid for doubting him, and he forgives her. Shireen’s doubts about Rashid’s whereabouts heighten. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Asad is concerned that Zoya’s disrespectful behaviour will influence Najma.

When Rashid sees Zoya crying, he offers her a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

Qubool Hai – Hindi Serial – Episode – October 27, – Zee TV Serial – Preview

Their angry conversation ends with Asad helping her out by providing her a bottle of water. At that moment, Haseena learns about Asad’s identity. Anwar devises an arrangement for Zoya as he is about to leave for New York with Zeenat. Dilshad runs into Rashid at the shrine, to which uai has come to pray on their 31st wedding anniversary. Sign in Qunool your password. Ahil tells seher that on this diwali, he wants something from her, and alights a diya. Kristelle 27th Oct – He leans in closer to her, unable to resist himself, as their past moments flash before her.


Qubool Hai – Hindi Serial – Episode 521 – October 27, 2014 – Zee TV Serial – Preview

Seher comes upto her and catches her, while razia is tensed. Zoya tries to make peace with Allah, promising that whatever be her fate, she will accept it. Anwar and Zeenat are happy that Zoya will be staying with Anwar’s sister Dilshad and ponder how risky it is to let Zoya stay here to find the truth about her past.

He asks her to leave his room and move to the guest room.

Qubool Hai

Humeira claims to know Zoya just to attract Ayaan’s attention. Discussing the qualities they want in their potential partner, Humeira chats with Ayaan as Asad octobber the same with his mother.

Haya finds his palm burnt. He asks her to stay away from Najma. Ayaan asks him why he is so submissive epiwode his father-in-law Gaffur and can’t have the free will to meet his own injured son. All seem happy until Imraan’s mother opens a box of presents.

He quickly attempts to replace it with a wrong number. Click here to login. She doesnt listen and asks him to go. She indicates that they should be married away soon.

Qubool Hai 27th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Roma 27th Oct – Asad leaves the hospital with his mother Dilshad. Watching Dilshad wait desperately for Rashid to no avail makes Asad angry. Seher is tensed 27rh hesitant and eyes it awkwardly. He asks how come she didnt know of the fire, and then raises her with his arms and gives her some water.


Rashid’s family discusses if Haseena’s demand for a luxury car is reasonable. The next day, at breakfast, Zoya’s chattiness creates a funny atmosphere at the dining table.

Ayaan finds Humeira in a park, but is shocked to see epiisode faint and calls for help. Over a cup of coffee, Rashid shares with Zoya his memories of Dilshad without revealing her name.

When is this stupid turn going to end! Thanks Rimjhim for very fast update. But he leaves the call unattended to fetch the list of items. Zoya and Asad get married but their life turns into one big roller coaster ride. Ayaan scolds Humeira when he learns that she was misleading him by saying that she knows Zoya. Both fight against them until Asad gets severely injured after being stabbed. A nervous and concerned Rashid connects with Dilshad to ask her if he may visit Asad to interact with him.

Razia sees Rashid trying to call Dilshad and checks his phone in his absence.

Welcome, Login to your account. He wishes her a very Happy Diwali, and just at that moment, firecrackers light up, but seher is gone by that time. Haseena rushes into Dilshad’s house asking for an unknown person and if Dilshad’s spouse would know better. Click here for fresh spoilers of this week. Ayaan is happy to hear this and offers to help.

The next morning, Rashid asks Ayaan to explain his anger.