Rcpowers Rcpowers. com Rcpowers Extra Rcpowers F22 Rcpowers Extra Rcpowers Forum Rcpowers Plans Rcpowers Youtube Rcpowers Download. 10 Jul This is the famous RC Powers Extra build-it-yourself foamy. PecanGrower has an RCPowers post with two great videos demonstrating.

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Stop that Pigeon 5 min 10 sec. Thanks for the link. ScottLottJun 17, I have most of the plane completed just need to work on the motor mount. I like slippery frogs. May 12,rcpowers extra 300 Flybyknight22 and namljayawardna like this.

May 22, Extra Power Setup Question. Can I use it on this plane or would it to big. Originally Posted by wmcneal It is weird to see the horizontal stab out of alignment with the wing.

Hi Luke, I have build this plane but don’t know yet what electronics i need to put on this rcpowers extra 300. So to rcpowere a long introductory short: Something rather important will be added here at a later time.

rcpowers extra 300 Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. NelsonhoJun 28, LukeWarmMay 20, You know, the invisble force that pulls the airplane towards them, as like in the Battlestar Galactica,or was it Star Wars?


Rcpowers extra 300 better than to stop as I would have been late for work for sure It was not as stable as I thought it would be, so I pushed forward and leveled it out and trimmed it properly. Extar took everything off my slow stick instead of spending more money. And the motor accelleration is a lot better, flying time is about the same I now think some of what I was seeing was part optical illusion because of the ailerons being deflected so far.

The trainer planes that they make for turning rcpowers extra 300 the rudder can’t do anything slightly impressive in the way of tricks. You must log in or sign crpowers to reply here.

Calam̩o РRcpowers Extra Build + Rcpowers Free Pdf Plans

May 20, And 15,18, 3c battery with a 30 amp esc. Here in Indiana we are having a little bit of rcpowers extra 300 hope to maiden in between rain drops. I added wheels and rcpowers extra 300 skid for takeoffs and landings. It’ll be ready for a maiden when the wind finally calms down around here.


Matterhorn71 and namljayawardna like this. Thanks for the great information.

extra 300 rc power build

All-terrain designs like RCPowers? ScottLottJun 16, Your name or email address: LOL, you guessed it!!!

Anyway, it rcpowers extra 300 flew great. It was more stable with the cg moved forward and was easier to hover. I think I’ll just leave it alone and concentrate on my 3d flying skills so I don’t doink it. Oct 04, Power is a tower pro with a 9×4.

Rcpowers Extra 300 Build + Rcpowers Free Pdf Plans

Your name or email address: Nelson, you can setup the extra with 2 servos, rcpowwrs its not easy. I just eyeball it, this is no rocketscience, however by doing it this way i.

RCPowersMay 24, The tape and extra hotglue after some intense rcpowers extra 300 made the plane about 30 grams heavier, it now weighs in at a hefty grams.

So with the battery this makes it a total of gr. May 25, ,