Have an excellent copy of a Rescue owners manual Free just the Universal Music Pinball Machine (WHITE) AMP SPEAKER LED mod. Hi guys, in the process of restoring a Rescue Pinball by Gottlieb. I have a manual on order from Marco but was wondering in the mean time. The Rescue coin-operated Pinball by Premier / Gottlieb (circa ), and it’s history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists.

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Marco Specialties Pinball Parts

The jackpot value maxes at M. That really knocked my socks off–I’d never seen a lane pass before. Rescue 911 pinball manual Playfield x [Christer Andreasson]. All the major shots flash in time to a heartbeat sound. Design team Game Design: What do you need help on?

That really knocked my socks off–I’d never seen a lane pass before. Post passing works fine, but if the flipper rubbers are new, they may create too much friction and prevent the ball from rescue 911 pinball manual over to the other flipper.

There is also a manusl on the high scores table for the most lives saved. The lights work as usual: Rick Stetta did a few lane passes, though.


Gottlieb Rescue 911 pdf manual?

Posted 24 days ago — in Tech: Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Generation Gottlieb System 3. Upper Left quarter of the board Bumpers There are three very funny-looking flat-top jet bumpers. The first jackpot can be collected either at the Helipad mxnual the Emergency Room.

There are also a couple of things rescue 911 pinball manual don’t have common names, so I invented names for them here.

Captive Balls rescue 911 pinball manual [Mark Culbert]. This is the habitrail that carries balls that are kicked out of the Lock Sinkhole. The lights at the Helipad are, from top to bottom: The lower half of the board has the highest-scoring targets.

That new mode will be the one you play, but it will be Multiball. Also, when a mode rescue 911 pinball manual Manuap with the Helicopter lit, you can shoot the ball coming off the plunger into the Helipad for maunal jackpot and take a quick break while the Helicopter does its business of picking up the locked ball.

The trail crosses the board and joins up with the plastic trail that leads from the Left helicopter dropoff point, and then feeds the left flipper.


The lights at the Helipad are, from top to bottom: Shooting the captive balls collects the lit ,anual up to 60M max. When you start a mode, there are some pretty good sound effects that simulate a call to emergency.

Lights are Lock, Call The red and blue bonus lights alternate every few seconds, just as the captive ball lights do. After that, only the Emergency Room awards jackpots; the Helipad increases resxue jackpot value. Hitting the Captive Balls saves 4 lives. Inkochnito was kind enough to assist someone on here pinbapl a while rescue 911 pinball manual with this same request, maybe try him.

Another thing I should rescue 911 pinball manual. This game ranks in the Pinside Pinball Top Upper right quarter of the board Top flipper There is a full-size flipper way up near the top right corner of the board, at the exit from the ramp. It’s similar to the Metamorphosis effects on Bride of Pinbot.