Rockschool Drums Grade 1 [ROCKSCHOOL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The following parts of the drum kit — bass drum, snare, high tom, medium tom, floor tom, hi-hat, ride cymbal and crash cymbal Two main drum kit makes. The examiner will ask a selection from each group and before you start the section you will be asked whether you would like to play the exercises along with the click or hear a single bar of click before you rockschool drums grade 1 drujs test.

Be a permanent UK resident Hold a bank or building society account capable of handling direct debit payments. Dawsons Music is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. UCAS Points For students applying for work or University, many potential employers see graded music exams in a very positive way. Our rockschool drums grade 1 carry allocated points on the UCAS tariff. Our registration number is All pieces drims be performed to a backing track without the examined part on the track except in case where pieces have been selected from previous Rockschool syllabi and do not have backing track or have been specifically arranged by Rockschool as solo pieces.

At Grade 1 there are four groups of technical work. Next, you will hear a vocal count-in and you will then play the fill back with the metronome backing.

Rockschool Drums 2012-2018 Grade 1

The tests are previously unseen and an example can be found in the Grade 1 book. Technical Exercises At Grade 1 there are four groups of technical work.

RSL is committed to maintaining and improving its reputation for excellence by providing high quality education and training through its syllabi, examinations, music and resources. We have exam drumss all across the UK and in 38 rockschool drums grade 1 countries around the globe.


Rockschool Drums Grade 1 (Book/Cd) | Absolute Music

Drummers punctuate, embellish and lead changes in the rhythmic figures of each track. Whether Rockschool is about playing the music you love, or learning new techniques and skills, the Rockschool Drum Grade 1 Book will help you along the way.

Candidates choose to play either Performance Pieces or Technical Exercises first. The examiner will allow 90 seconds preparation and practice time and will offer the option of practicing with rocksfhool without a metronome. In the exam, you will be asked to play the Fill exercise from the Rockscool 1 book to rockschool drums grade 1 backing track. As a guide, a standard rockschool drums grade 1 guitar weighs approx.

The Drums Grade 1 book is the essential companion to your Grade 1 exam. They accentuate a horn section, pick up on guitar riffs, roclschool vocal lines and command the rhythm section.

The candidate will then perform the test for the examination. By using the Dawsons website you agree to our use of cookies to improve your experience and our services x. Each time the test is played it is preceded by a one bar count-in. Performance Pieces At Grade 1 the pieces last up to a maximum of rockschool drums grade 1 minute 15 seconds. The test is made up of quarter and eighth notes and quarter rockschool drums grade 1 rests.

On the ‘Payment Information’ screen you will be able to apply for finance.

Rockschool Drums Grade 1 (Book/Cd)

Free Choice Pieces must demonstrate a comparable level of technical and musical demand to the pieces given in the set selections in rockschool drums grade 1 grade books which can be referred to as an indication of appropriate level. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian can apply for finance on your behalf.


You will nominate the piece of music about which the questions will be asked. Be 18 years old.

The examiner will ask you four music knowledge questions based on a piece of music that you have played in the exam. Own compositions are also acceptable. Credit is provided subject to age and status. Rockschool drums grade 1 examiner will play you a two bar groove that is repeated played on the hi rokcschool, snare and bass drum with a metronome backing.

Find your nearest UK centre. The test is made up of half and quarter notes and quarter note rests. The examiner will play you a one bar fill played on the snare drum with rockschool drums grade 1 metronome backing. Add the product to your shopping basket. Please Call for Availability In Grade 1 you will be asked to identify: At Grade 1 you grqde be offered a Sight Reading test that is in the form of a four bar rhythm played on the snare drum.

The candidate will then be required to identify rockschool drums grade 1 test from two rockscool examples. The drummer is the driving force, the backbone and the foundation of the entire band dynamic.

Moving between 11, open hi hats, syncopated accents Single and double strokes, paradiddles Playback Skills. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.