Kim So Hyun Supporting Cast. I just watched Padam Padam and I loved it and of course she was great as always but find her better in Rooftop Prince. At first I was actually complaining about the kiss bec. The girls sigh in pity over Park-ha—she must be feeling miserable, and after having given the boys so much, too. My first thought was Love, even when love dies the memory of that love lives on. Han Ji Min has always is a cutie.

So I beg u guys share more of your witty, clever, funny , word emancipating reviews. Glomp April 26, at 8: Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. Mimi urges her to head down to Pohang right away, since Uncle is interviewing other candidates. Guards are mobilized and Yi Gak runs through the palace, coming to a halt by a pond where a body floats: Furthermore, the element that had me most leery — the whole doppelganger business, with our prince somehow magically running into his beloved in both time periods — actually has a nice twist to it, to surprise me by going contrary to my expectation. At last we can see the downfall of Sena

I always appreciate a drama that doesn’t drag things out or dumb itself down for the audience thinking for whatever reason that we need it. She heads to her rooftop home, breathing in happily as she makes her way into the cozy, cramped home.

Rooftop Prince

I guess there is a gap in likes btwn Korea and World viewers? Try listening to his other track “My Girlfriend” and compare. Javabeans April 26, at 8: The wrist grab, him pulling her into a hug, the silent tear they were all emotional and heart tugging, but he kiss itself?


The whole lying about the “grandma is outside” is such a great move Speaking of destiny parallels About The story starts with the sudden death of the Crown Princess of Joseon. But I think a closed-lips kiss fits here. Linda March 22, at 4: Jung Suk Won Supporting Cast.

He instructs his secretary to get on the phone with those in charge, to refuse to work with the pdince team.

I’m not sure I’m sold on this drama yet. Yes, but that’s human nature not gonna place the blame on only men The only solution is getting Bu-yong to come to the future to get some cosmetic surgery to restore that beauty of hers.

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Doesn’t sound roodtop her family tried too hard to find her, though. By now, the characters have figured out most of the secrets that the audience has known all along. Tae-mu starts to dash to save him, but at the last minute he hesitates. I thought I would die with curiosity this morning.

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Yoochun has also improved leaps and bounds. They apologize for troubling each other—she for contributing to that contract loss, and he for sending her to the warehouse. Furthermore, the element that prine me most leery — the whole doppelganger business, with our prince somehow magically running into his beloved in both time periods — actually has a nice twist to it, to surprise me by going contrary to my expectation. I don’t think the Hong Kong mom factors into the equation at all, other than let Sena fool her with sweet words, she’d be happy to have one daughter back better than no daughter.


I agree that it could not have been Bu-young, though! Because I’m a bit confused from the back and forth, but I’ll watch and catch up later!

I don’t think it could’ve been the sister either.

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My heart felt like it was breaking for Yi Gak in this episode. It’s surprising and a lil bit scary how addicted i am to this drama as I have lil expectation in the beginning. I don’t think either of them will remember each other after he figures it out. Yi Gak says that her words made him think, and he realized that his presence must have really disrupted her life.

The editing was a little weird, but overall an enjoyable episode. Can’t wait for the next episode. Community hasn’t filled out any deamacrazy yet. Somebody wants an excuse to hang out.

Next, Yi Gak saves a man from execution: Mama J March 21, at 7: But I’m not sure.

I am SO curious as to whether they will be epissode or going back to their own time. Tae-yong has no desire to inherit and wants to leave it to his cousin and uncle. Gisaeng-eunuch-womanizer how is he all those things? I’m not even a JYJ fan but man, is that swoony.