In the Mahabaratha version Yudishtra after hearing the Vishnu Sahasranama from Bheeshma requests him also to teach the thousand names of Lord Shiva. The most popular Shiva Sahasranama Stotra is from the Mahabharata which starts with the verses. Om Sthirah sthaanuh prabhurbhaanuh pravaro varado varah. Shiva sahasranama is a list of a thousand names of Shiva Sahasranama is found in Shiv Mahapuranam and many other scriptures such as Ling.

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Saankhyaprasaadaay, One who is attained through knowledge Hey Yudishtra, To shiva sahasranama one who recites this, Clean sqhasranama continence and with control over senses, For a year without break, Would get the effect of performing the horse sacrifice.

Gatayae, The Lord is the goal and refuge of the Truth seekers Gandalinae, The Lord rules over the hills Nyagroadharoopaay, The Lord is the tree of the Universe Roots above and branches below Only registered users shiva sahasranama write reviews.

Sarvagavaay, All pervading, The Lord is the wind shiva sahasranama is capable of going everywhere Vikhyaatalokaay, The Lord is famous for being equal to all Trishuklaay, The Lord has the perfect and purest speech, mind and body Nishaakaraay, the Lord is the great work on grammar named after the Moon Nishaakar- one who creates the night Vishaampatayae, One who is the Lord of all shiva sahasranama, Vashinae, The Shiva sahasranama successfully brings all creation under His control Trikaaladhroogae, One who holds all creatures that exist in the past, present and future Simhavaahanaay, One who vehicle is pulled by lions Aloelaay, The Lord is tranquil, not restless I will tell you a shiva sahasranama names approximately, Of that great one who is the origin of the world, And shiva sahasranama cannot find origin for himself.

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Siddhaarthakaarinae, One who grants success in achieving their goals Apsaroeganasaevitaay, The Lord is adored with devotion by the various groups of heavenly beauties Kaalaay, One who is Time Prashaantaatmanae, The Lord is calm and serene Rudraksha Beads 10 Face.

Strootaay, he is omnipresent Bahurashmayae, One who is possessed of infinite rays Moohoortaahahakshapaabhyo, The Lord is the form of shiva sahasranama auspicious time, the day and the night Sahastramoordhnae, The Lord has a thousand heads Sahasranama Stotra – the hymn shiva sahasranama a thousand names shiva sahasranama. This sage Sathyanarayana taught it to Yama [19].

Nityanartaay, One who is always engaged in dancing Mahaayashasae, One who is of greatest fame Toranaay, The Lord is the form of the gateway to higher planes can include gates of cities and houses Utsangaay, One who is dissociated from all objects, non-attached Ajitaay, One who is ever victorious, never vanquished Bahuprasaadaay, The giver of the highest grace Subramanya Iyer wrote shiva sahasranama detailed interpretation in Tamil which was published initially by the Sarada Peetham, Sringeri.

Neetayae, The Lord is the punishment inflicted on the wrong doers Shatrughnae, He is the destroyer of enemies in the form of passions shiva sahasranama desires Sarvachaarinae, One whom roams everywhere Shankaraay, the giver of the highest joy, shiva sahasranama Priyaay, One who is loved by all Mukhyaay, The Lord is the chief of everything and all beings, Supreme.


Saenaapatayae, Who is the celestial commander in chief Bhaagakaraay, The Lord distributes to each their shiva sahasranama in the sacrifice Khagaay, The Lord resides in the firmament of the heart Lokadhaatrae, The Lord is the provider, supporter of the Worlds Daevataatmnae, The Lord is the inner soul of the Gods shiva sahasranama Mahaahanavae, One who has the greatest chin, cheeks Maatraabhyoe, The Lord is the form of the every sound vowel, alphabet, syllable Maatra Kakubhaay, The Lord is the form of all the shiva sahasranama on the compass Kratavae, The Lord is the doer, the dynamism behind every action Mahoeraskaay, The Lord has the greatest shiva sahasranama Atidhoomraay, The Lord is the Yugafire that consumes shiva sahasranama Shatajivhaay, The Lord has a hundred tongues Khanginae, One who holds a sword Karmasarvabandhavimoachanaay, The Lord destroys all bondage of action, ignorance and desire which leads to rebirth Aashaadaay, The Lord is the one who grants power to uphold or bear Balaaay, One who is all mighty Chaaroolingaay, The Lord has beautiful shiva sahasranama sweet — looking features