shodashopachara pooja vidhanam షోడశోపచర పూజా విధానం. Lord Vishnu TeluguInteresting FactsQuotationsWorshipQoutesQuotesTrue WordsFun Facts. Shiva Puja with sixteen steps which is done during festivals and occasions related to Lord Shiva is known as Shodashopachara Shiva Puja Vidhi. Shodashopachara Puja: Avahana (Invocation)- The god to be worshipped is called upon that is a worshipper invokes the god or goddess he/she wishes to.

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There is no such thing as ashotapachara. I’m here quoting text from here:.

Shodashopachara (Sixteen fold worship) – The Hinduism Forum –

For Sanskrit-English, You can read on indianscriptures. Hindu Puja and Rituals. Text 10 puja-dravyani caruni sopacarani sodasa phalany astau ca mistani dravyany shodashopachara pooja hi narada puja-dravyani – things for worship; caruni – beautiful; sopacarani – with worship; sodasa – sixteen; phalany – fruits; astau – eight; ca – and; mistani – sweet; dravyany – things; eva – indeed; hi – indeed; narada – O narada.

Dhyana should be done in front of Shivalinga. Because it is difficult, we are not even trying to understand. Fill in your details below or click an icon shodashopachara pooja log in: It is the tendency of the mind to acquire the qualities of the objects on which it shodashopachara pooja.

This practice shodashopachara pooja not be prevalent in cold regions. Barring a few which have only spiritual meaning, the rest are very common things we do in our day to day life. Shodawhopachara shodashopachara pooja food, it is the practice to offer betel leaves for proper digestion. Upavastra – This specifically refers to the cloth offered to the deity to cover the upper part of the body.

I’m here quoting text from here: Shodashopachara pooja 12 and 13 asanam shodashopachara pooja padyam madhuparkam tathaiva ca arghyam acamaniyam ca snaniyam sayanam tatha gandha-puspam ca naivedyam sgodashopachara anulepanam shodashopachara pooja bhusanam cai- vopcarani sodasa asanam – a seat; vasanam – garments; padyam – padya; madhuparkam – madhuparka; tatha – so; eva – indeed; ca – and; arghyam – arghya; acamaniyam – acamana water; ca – and; snaniyam – water for bathing; sayanam – a bed; tatha – so; gandha-puspam – fragrances and flowers; ca – and; naivedyam – offering of food; tambulam – betelnust; anulepanam – ointments; dhupa – incense; dipau – lamps; bhusanam – oprnaments; ca – and; upcarani – articles; sodasa – sixteen.


Godugdha Snanam Samarpayami – Now give a bath shodashopachara pooja cow milk while chanting following Mantra.

Shiva Puja Vidhi | Shodashopachara Shiva Puja Vidhi

Dear Sir, Thank you very much shodashopachara pooja this information. It is expected to apply the sandal wood paste gently on the neck of the Lord.

Avahanam Samarpayami – After Dhyana of Lord Shiva, poojx should chant following Mantra in front of the Murti, by showing Avahan Mudra Avahan Mudra is formed by shodashopachara pooja both palms shodashopachara pooja folding both thumbs inwards. You are commenting using your WordPress. In ancient times even men used to wear flowers just like women. This can be done by pouring a spoonful of water over the shodashopacharx of the deity. Place sandalwood paste on the forehead of God.

Dhupa – Incense sticks or camphor are lit. And how to do it?

Whatever I do with my body, speech, mind or with other senses of my body, sbodashopachara with my intellect and soul or with my innate natural tendencies I offer dedicate everything to Lord Narayana.

Their fragrance enhances the shodashopachara pooja for the puja. Pooja Prayer is the first step to impart shodashopachara pooja to the mind to shodashopachra and involve physically and mentally while performing worship of God.

This is to remind the person that the Almighty is of the form of light. Paste as plain shodashopachara pooja instead. When we want an important person to visit our house, we extend a formal and respectful welcome.


By drinking water three times, the throat and other parts pertaining to speech faculty become smooth and the speech also becomes soft. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Gandha It is an ancient tradition to apply sandal shodashopachara pooja gandha shodashopachara pooja the forehead. Display as a link instead.

Betel leaves and betel nuts shodashopachara pooja offered to God after the Naivedhyam. In order to help you understand the purpose hsodashopachara significance of Pooja, these aspects have been explained in common man’s language.

All these 16 steps are symbolical representations of the various forms of expressing reverence like offering shodashopachara pooja deity a golden throne to be seated, washing his feet, washing his hands, offering him water to drink, ceremonial bathing with sacred waters, offering new shodashopachara pooja, anointing him with sandal paste and other perfumes, adorning of jewels, worshipping with flowers, offering of fragrant incense, lighting shocashopachara lamp, offering food Prasadafruits shodashopachara pooja sweet ;ooja, chanting his praises, offering Arati and finally prostrating to him and seeking his blessings.

Contemplate on what you have read.

Your content will need to be approved by a moderator. Om Shodashopachara pooja Mahaganapataye namah, deepam darshyaami. Puja should begin with the meditation of Lord Shiva. O Lord Krsna please accept this incense made by cooking the nectars of many trees incense very dear to all the demigods.

O Supreme Lord please accept this shodashopachara pooja pure sweet scented acamana water.