However, the King was under enormous pressure from the Confusian Yanban to execute her. The sageuk dramas after Dae Jang Geum cannot match it! They are obviously going to do something dodgy to the food again but before she can do anything she gets sent out of the kitchens to the guest house by Lady Han where she believes they can do less damage but Lady Choi is in tears! Later she tells him what she has learnt about cooking at the temple. So she threatens to reveal this fact if she is not allowed back to the palace asap! Lady Choi is now Head Court Lady after ousting the other head.

Jang Geum and Sir Min are together again at the palace. Deciding that he cannot escape his destiny,he nurses Lady Park back to health. It looks like Jang Geum is OUT of the palace but then the queen mother arrives at the end of the competition and tastes the food. Min Jung-Ho drags Jang Geum off as the guard runs toward the soldiers to distract them. Based on a true story, the series ensure that accuracy is observed for the historical period it is presenting. Her adoptive father Duk Gu arrives suffering from severe seasickness.

With her extraordinary determination and wisdom, she pxlace to achieve the impossible in a time where women have no place in society: Kitchen supplies are running out as King Yeonsangun has taken to much feasting and was taking many concubines daily. Heo Jun episode 6: Geum Young has finally decided to let Sir Min go.

The king discharges Lord Oh for the minor offences that Young Episofe revealed. The dishes must be made with foods that are thrown away but can be eaten such as fish heads th windfall fruit. She has a difficult birth and nearly dies.

The reign of Yeonsangun is getting worse and unrest is brewing. Jang Geum is accepted as a court lady! Jang-Geum arrives at the jar room to face Lady Choi. Jang Geum is causing stress with her accounts around the palace and everyone is being more careful with their budgets.


When Lady Han hears that the envoy has diabetes she makes him simple food with veggies but the envoy is furious at the frugal food. Other ingredients have disappeared too. The young Lady Choi falsely reports that Lady Park was seen with the guard alone in a room.

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By the time she gets to the relatives place it was really too late and Geum-Young has already gone,not because she wanted to but her aunt found out about the incident and forced her to leave. As part of her medical training Jang Geum has to study face colours to diagnose health. The sinopsie is stressed because the envoys always find fault. Fourteen years after the execution, Seo Chun Soo is still haunted by the execution. Jang-Geum punishes her daughter for going out without permission but Jung-Ho rescues So-Won from further punishment.

I download it place my collection and greatfull to your kind role. Of course Lady Choi gets secret whale recipes from her brother. We discover the head lady doctor has been pretending to side with the Choi family but is really working for the ousted head of court ladies, Lady Park, who wants revenge and her job back. But at the last minutes he decides that he wants to have nengmyeon cold noodle soup instead. Then Geum Young turns up to with an ink well he wanted.

Geum-young realizes jang-geum and Master Min-jung-ho know each other.

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Jung catch the criminal but superiors tell Dr. Champi Dec 07, Lady Choi is now Head Court Lady after ousting the other head. This part of the story is based on the Third Literati Purge of He is in charge of dealing with the invasions from foreign pirates.


But when the king hears what he did he has him promoted to second highest pharmacy official. The king is on his deathbed. But in the background a jealous Geum Young has arrived and glares at her….

Jang-geum gets praised and she gets sent back to the kitchen dept as her reward. The simple love and gestures between Jang Geum and Minister Min are simply overwhelming. Dr Jung from the herb garden turns up. She told the prince this was her dream when she met him so he helped her! Later Sir Min begs the king to allow Jang Geum to follow her true path: Jang-Geum is assigned a really young girl.

Jang Geum then tastes her own dish and realises her sense of taste is back.

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No words to express Jewel in the palace is just epieode great drama. Blog Statshits. If she does not want to be a Court lady or the head of the Royal Kitchen,then she must not read the 2 letters nor should palxce show or tell others about it. Yeonsangun was noted for suppressing the Confucians, in a similar way to Shih Huang Ti.

The queen mother has beriberi. Min Jung-Ho watches Jang-Geum. The head doctor is humiliated as he misdiagnosed the king.

Jang Geum makes new soy bean paste and the king is pleased that the taste has returned to normal.

Mangala R Nayak Oct 02, The king moves Jang Geum up to a level 7 official.