Both under Greek and European law, royal graves were considered historical monuments, and as such they belonged to the State. Where would the rescue and the resurrection be? Underlying the words I was reading and putting the pieces together, the human reality I started to see unfolding before my eyes filled me with the most profound sense of horror. But the Macedonians who remained were fearful, and with good reason, to call themselves Macedonians or to use their historic names. I was raised to consider myself an Australian born Greek. Was he a Greek among Macedonians, or was he He says he rescued himself from the ideas of country, the Church, and money, all at once.

They still spoke Turkish but in confidence and never in public. However, under all legal systems, private properties were subject to taxation. There is a heritage and history here, which should be maintained before it is forgotten. In view of the above, the applicants argued that any past privileges and tax exemptions that might have been available to them or to their predecessors were of no relevance to the question of just satisfaction. The evidence from George Zorba’s life and from the novel clearly points to the conclusion that Zorba the Greek is in truth, Chorba the Macedonian. GRD ,,; Mon Repos:

This – and not the name of the Republic of Macedonia – is the real and diachronic problem for every Greek government. In determining the amount the Court took into account the claims of each applicant, the question of the movable property, the valuations submitted by the parties and the possible options for calculating the pecuniary damage, as well as the lapse of time between the dispossession and the present judgment.

On request by two members of IMCO, who contended that in sstand course of elections their constitutional rights have been violated, the IMCO Assembly, upon authorization by the UN General Assembly, put before the Court the question on legality of the elections.

Wash the tripe and boil it then simmer it with salt, garlic and black pepper; add a cup of hot broth spoonful by spoonful into a bowl of two beaten eggs, some lemon juice and do this slowly so the mix doesn’t curdle; add a cup of light cream into the mix and then pour the whole thing back into the pot stirring all the while. However, the applicants observed that the Government had not clarified their position as to whether they accepted this valuation.

The Security Council in the preamble of its resolution 21 recognizes that the applicant state fulfils the required criteria for admission and yet, contrary to the accepted interpretation of Article 4 1 of the Charter, recommends that the applicant be admitted to membership with a temporary reference label to be used for all purposes within the UNand imposes an obligation on the future UN member to negotiate with a neighboring state about its own name.


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The Drama Continues If you have not already met with him, allow me to introduce a real life historic character on to the stage. From this information taken by itself one might prematurely conclude that Zorba had become politically Velecski. The issue of just satisfaction had to be examined in relation to the interference with the relevant ownership rights as they were at the time of the taking, and it was the value of those ownership rights which had to be considered.

Why would anybody mind? The Government velevdki that in they had allowed the first bojzn to remove from the Tatoi and Mon Repos residences the chattels stored therein. He could speak a little and although he was not the man he once was, I was very happy to have my beloved ‘baba’ daddy in Greek back. The children were taught to play in Greek, to speak in Greek, to read in Greek. The world has come to think of Zorba as Greek, but is he? We’ll manage somehow to get our tongues around the new language, the new names later.

Was adding the words “The Greek” some kind of a sham, a trick, a disguise? Was he a Greek among Macedonians, or was he The Arbitration Commission of European Communities on former Yugoslavia also took this position and did not link the name of the country Republic of Macedonia to the Greek territorial rights. Decision of the Court The Court observed that the compensation to be fixed did not need to reflect the idea of wiping out all the consequences of the interference in question.

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The latter had in fact many obligations to the State which were specified by law, including an obligation for the King to pay for all the outgoings of his household, down to the last drachma. None of the chattels referred to in the Christie’s valuation had been exported from Greece. Bljan Supra note 2. It did not include any of the items of movable upp loaned by him in for stanc use of the Presidency of the Republic. In exercising this right, the states have, therefore, a complete legal freedom.

I saw fleetingly a look as though she wanted to believe us, followed by an incredibly haunted look of pain. We spoke with them and I discovered that almost everybody in my father’s ward was Macedonian.

There is still another important feature of the legal status of Macedonia as a UN member. Was he choosing to spend his last years among a strange people and mafedonia, or was he going to live with the people he knew, with the people with whom he felt closest?

More specifically, the applicants argued that to refer to any tax exemptions enjoyed by the royal family in the past was somewhat misleading unless reference was made to the special obligations of the royal family. Dora Bakoyanni, noted that E. The Society also kept a Minute book, which became an important part of the written Canadian Macedonian history. Who can doubt that Kazantzakis, whose greatest work was The Odyssey, Comedh Modern Sequel, knew of these themes, these traditions of disguise and rescue.


I see him brushing aside his long moustache to either side of his face with the back of his hand and hear his sigh of satisfaction.

The reality was that the Greeks had captured the land, the people, the stage on which life is played. See 31 ILM The case concerns the ownership status of the Greek Royal property.

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As the days passed, my baba steadily improved and is much better now a year later. Not only survival macedonja the chance devastations of weather, storms, floods, but survival in the face of being shot dead by the politicos and their armies. The question of legality of these velfvski, in their parts related to the imposition of additional conditions on Macedonia, i.

The Government emphasised that two of these successions had not stnd successions celevski father to son, but from son to father in and from brother to brother in I don’t remember the name of the Archbishop. Although there had been differences between these changes of regime, there was nevertheless a common feature that characterised the fate of the possessions of the members of the former royal families: See 11 Constitutions of the Countries of the World, and Supp.

Why did Kazantzakis reject the name ‘George’ and choose the name ‘Alexis’? I had read, however, that in this era Byzantium was under Roman occupation. GRD 19,,; Mon Repos: Contributions to various Macedonian churches and cultural institutions, both here and in Greece, have continued to the present day. That whole area was under the occupation of the Turks until The interpretation of this fact is somewhat unclear: Because many of the villagers had to leave comey haste, remembrances and costumes were often left behind, and are now impossible to find.

The appropriateness of the method for solving a problem depends, of course, on the character of the problem. We are told that he worked as a herdsman, tending sheep and goats, as a woodcutter, as a digger in a mine, as a pedlar, a blacksmith, a labourer, a smuggler, madedonia and musician.