Vividred Operation – Episode 5 As the mysterious girl responsible for “powering up” the Alone over previous weeks, it’s about time that this villain of the piece got some time in the limelight – enter Rei Kuroki, who also just so happens to be a classmate of Akane’s. The Beautiful World -. However his words hit Kaori harder than expected, resulting in their first fight to which she leaves school early that Friday. Ship all the side characters! On the day before the fireworks show, Koharu speaks with Yuzuki while Shione comes across Noel and tries to determine her relationship with Nonoka. Despite that early surprise defeat for the school’s Class A member, it seems that things are looking up for the rest of Mizusawa’s team – Chihaya’s switch towards her more typical speed-based style is wreaking havoc with her opponent Amakasu, and Tsutomu is proving just how far he’s progressed over the past year by giving his rival a rough time.

But fear not, for Tamako has an idea as to how to draw in the crowds Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 5 Chihaya and company are already through to the national karuta championship, as are their next rivals, Hokuo. With their Ignition Keys handed over as soon as they reach the island that is the base for this summer camp, the girls are left without the ability to call upon the Vivid system if required, and once Isshiki captures Rei to use as bait for his plan, the game is afoot. If you think that means that these two teams are about to go easy on one another however, think again. Minami-ke Tadaima – Episode 6 Kana seems to have created herself the perfect summer break schedule Of course, even this ends in tears, leaving us with a glimmer of hope that Yozora might actually have learned her lesson for once.

While on an orienteering trip with the others, Nonoka feels confused as to why Shione is so hostile towards her.

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Helping this sense of collective amnesia is the fact that the school festival is coming around, and the suggestion that perhaps the Neighbours Club should do something for the event gets the group’s thinking caps on. In spite of the chief’s absolute ruling, Ginoza proves himself to be more ramako to his beliefs than you might have believed by arranging for some sneaky shenanigans that will keep Kogami on the case.


Meanwhile, Souta attempts to apologise to Yuzuki, who had been feeling guilty for a long time after Souta got injured while searching for her one day. And why does Kakuzu have to take off his shirt and signal to Team 10 that he has 4 hearts.


Minami-ke Tadaima – Episode 6 Kana seems to have created herself the perfect summer break schedule Of course, it doesn’t take long for the idea of a maid cafe to be mooted, bringing us half an episode of most of the cast dressing in a maid outfit, with varying degrees of success. Using ghostscripts, Misa sends Koyomi back into the past so she can get the master password from Misa herself. But is this a system really worth saving?

Right off the bat, things are further complicated by the fact that Makishima and his accomplices have split up, with some taking to the roof of the building and its radar antenna, while the rest have set off for the basement. The girls soon encounter Noel along the way and have her join their group.

It’s safe to say that the relationship between Futaki and Haruka is at an all-time low as epiode result of this, and even Naoe is going to have a hard time picking up the pieces given that neither party is willing to be entirely honest with either one another or themselves as they both insist that the situation is irretrievable at this juncture.

Why does Kakashi have to explain his reading hand signals during the fight. Sections of this page. A rumor mzrket spreading around the class that Kaori and Shogo are friends. CelestialMethod Episode 4 Nonoka’s apology for forgetting everything only earns her a slap from Yuzuki and further disdain from Shione.

For now though, their thoughts have to turn elsewhere, namely tracking down the missing Kagari as his disappearance threatens to cause a whole new set of problems for the section.

The cute ochibi videos explaining this is a nice touch.

Somehow or other, the discussion turns to gaming, and with Rika having plenty of games laying around before we know it Yozora is playing an otome game. Finally, the pair make up and restart their cycle all over again.

AKB Next Stage – Episode 6 It’s time for thoughts of succession to start forming in the minds of certain members of AKB’s group of understudies, as rivalries intensify and some eyes turn towards the much-vaunted Centre Nova position. Kaori doesn’t refuse the offer and instead tells Saki about her no-talking rule. Hanasaku Iroha — As a thank you to the spirit who saved him from bullies and gave him new friends, Yugi decided to help the spirit out and find a way to recover his lost memories and send him to the after life.


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Although this doesn’t seem like the best of times, given that her latest manga has just been cancelled, Hiramaru ups his game with an invitation to an amusement park, with an ultimate goal of proposing to his beloved. Tamako Market Episode 4 English Subbed.

Ship all the side characters! Unlike Nichijou which survives off of its unique humor and extreme randomness, A-Channel just doesn’t feel right with all these different random elements coming i…. Episode 5 English Subbed.

When the boys from her class arrives, Anko becomes embarrassed and shuts markdt in the eplsode, although she eventually comes out when one of chai boys, Yuzuki, brings her a souvenir from the museum. But has she found love in the form of the game’s resident delinquent? Psycho-Pass – Episode 16 Shogo Makishima’s goals have taken him to the heart of the Sibyl system, hidden from the general public though its true nature might be.

At the day’s end, Saki tells Kaori about how she used to be bullied but overcame her ordeal thanks to her friends; consequently bringing Kaori to tears when she acknowledges their true friendship. Needless to say, everything has chix for our main cast of characters, as the death of Mizuka reverberates around Kai and Aki in particular, whereas the injuries suffered by Subaru as a result of the accident with GunPro-2 has far wider implications, that being the disbanding of the Robotics Club and JAXA pulling their support and funding from their Expo dream.

For all of her professional interest in a lunar telescope, there’s also a far more personal reason for her to be invested in its construction too