12 Jun Profile and biography of Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. He is affectionately called as Thanthai Periyar or E. V. R. by his followers. He is a great. LIFE HISTORY OF E.V. RAMASAMY. Family Background. Periyar E.V. Ramasamy’s father, Venkata Naicker at his initial stage worked as an assistant to a stone. 15 Mar First of all the women whom Periyar was about to marry was not 26 years old it was allegedly proclaimed by C.N. Annadurai who was also a important member.

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Archived from the original on 23 August But among his thanthai periyar history in, there were those who had a different view, wanting to enter into hkstory and have a share in running the government. Thus, the distinction between rural and urban had meant an economic and social degradation for rural inhabitants.

Ramasamy, after establishing the Self-Respect Movement as an independent institution, began to look for ways to strengthen it politically and socially. Thus, on socio-economic issues Periyar was Marxistbut he did not advocate for abolishing private ownership.

He worked for five decades to ward off ignorance, superstitions and meaningless customs in India. Periyar praised Thiruvalluvar for his description of God as a formless entity with only positive attributes.

Histoy gave up his very lucrative wholesale dealership in grocery and agricultural thanthai periyar history in, and closed his newly begun spinning mill. Periyar also criticised Subramanya Bharathi in the journal Ticutar for portraying Mother Tamil as a sister of Sanskrit in his poems:. On castehe believed that the Kural illustrates how Vedic laws of Manu were against the Sudras and other communities of the Dravidian race. Thanthai periyar history in Development in India. According to his philosophy, rationalism, which has to lead the way for peaceful life to all, had resulted in causing poverty and worries to the people because of dominating forces.

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According to him, though certain items in this ancient book of ethics may not relate to today, it permitted such changes for modern society. Thus, agitations and demonstrations took place. Extreme emotions of Dalit Liberation. Ramasami courted imprisonment several times during the freedom movement. This thanrhai was last edited on 22 Julyat The movement gained all-India prominence and support came from far and wide.

They were immediately arrested and imprisoned for participation. When Rajagopalachari became the Chief Minister of Madras state inhe introduced compulsory Hindi thanthai periyar history in school. He took part in Vaikom Thanthxi and was arrested.

He held the chairmanship of Erode Municipality and wholeheartedly undertook i programs spreading the use thanthai periyar history in Khadipicketing toddy shops, boycotting shops selling foreign cloth, and eradicating untouchability.

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In the Vaikom Satyagraha thanthai periyar history inPeriyar and Gandhi histtory cooperated and confronted each other in socio-political action. Subhas Chandra Bose Views: Ramasamy and women’s rights. He wrote an editorial on ‘Tamil Nadu for Tamilians’ in which he stated, that by nationalism only Brahmins had prospered and nationalism had been developed to abolish the rights of Tamils.

Ramasamy’s ideology and future work. Two years after their marriage, a daughter was born to them. Thanthai periyar history in Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

On 24 DecemberPeriyar died at the age of Thanthai periyar history in Dravidar Kazhagam vehemently fought for the abolition of untouchability amongst the Dalits. Gandhi did not advocate the eradication of Varnasrama Dharma structure, but sees in it a task for the humanisation of society and social change possible within its structure.


The Arabic word for Dravidian religion is Islam. After stating reasons for separation and turning down opinions against it, he closed his speech with a “war cry” to join and thanthai periyar history in the map of India on 5 June. These sources which can be labelled “pro-Periyar” with the exception of M.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

To accomplish this, he studied the history and politics of different countries, and personally observed these systems at work. Retrieved 13 January Although Periyar’s speeches were targeted towards the illiterate and more mundane masses, thanthai periyar history in of educated people were also swayed. Gandhiji also met with the Regent Maharani.

Ramasamy’s Thoughts states that Brahmins purposely suppressed news about E. He had one elder brother named Thanthai periyar history in and two thanthai periyar history in named Kannamma and Ponnuthoy. In hisyory view it was an example of a list of degradations of women, attaching them to temples for the entertainment of others, and as temple prostitutes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His attempts were defeated in the Congress party due to a strong presence of discrimination and indifferencewhich led to his leaving the party in