As usual, the Spanish terrain substitutes splendidly for the parched southwest frontier setting. Wulfstan10 18 July It starts off as legendary Texas Lawman Jonathan Corbett Van Cleef is tracking three bad guys down and cuts them off all three men out of ammo you know then and there this is going to be good and it is. This film is often referred to as “the best non-Leone spaghetti western. He then re-examines himself and the events in which he finds himself to come to a significant realisation near the end. As always , the musician Ennio Morricone, composes a nice Spaghetti soundtrack and well conducted ; it’s full of guttural sounds and emotive score. And if you are a spaghetti western fan, you need to have it, so find it and add it to your collection! WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

The movie will keep you entertained from beginning to end. The music for that scene mixes Beethoven with Western showdown. It’s set during early Mexican revolution with Benito Juarez ruling. Lee Van Cleef has one of his best roles ever as renowned bounty hunter with an eye on a place in the Senate Jonathan Corbett; to me, his relationship with Milian’s character is one of the strongest ever to be established within the entire Western genre, and it’s this that elevates the film above most non-Leone Italian efforts. In about a two minute sequence here we get to witness Morricone’s impeccable score combined with the slow preparation and constantly building tension for the outcome of this fight. Brokston has designs to build a railroad through Texas into Mexico and he needs a politician to champion his cause. He also throws in some great strange, eccentric, and over the top characters no spaghetti western is complete without em. Retail 1 gurug The.


It has everything that makes the spaghetti western such a great film genre. Original Italian version min. Lee Van Cleef and Tomas Milian are evenly matched as hero versus villain. The film is directed by Sergio Sollima, who directed a handful of westerns in the late sixties subtitels going on to direct successful Polizi flicks Revolver and Violent City.

The relentless chase is set against strong environment, risked mountains and hazardous trails. This score is not background music. So even though this is one of the better Italian Westerns I’ve seen, I had to scratch my head over the treatment the script gave to hero Corbett Van Cleef.

Subtitles The Big Gundown

From the grand scale shot of the hunting party moving closer in the background with camera panning out and showing Cuchillo on the right side to the superb iconic images of the two duels, these ten minutes are an absolutely feast to eyes and ears. In the action scenes he does a great job of not repeating himself visually.

There are parts where the music is choreographed with the action on the screen in a way very reminiscent of the Leone westerns. It was better than the Leone Spaghetti Westerns in that the characters felt more real — it is not just that they have friends and family but that they fit into a social structure.

Milian proves to be far more elusive than anyone could imagine. Cuchillo notices this and kicks a Winchester up into the arms of Corbett. Gregor’s Grindhouse Top In Sollima’s film, this last, rhe, run becomes symbolic of a wider system and oppression, rather than just lawmen-after-badman.

Western – The Big Gundown. Are there any mistakes? That bothered me, because subtitle as a layman, I could tell that wasn’t a poisonous snake, so a desert traveler like Corbett should have known it too. Even Corbett begins to develop a grudging respect for his survival skills. A musical score so in tune with the story guundown a character all by itself? Write a review Rate this item: Wulfstan10 18 July Box Office Spectaculars, [] Unlike many other non-Sergio Leone westerns, the cinematography, camera-work, etc.


Eurofilm superstar Milian delivers a very hearty performance as the desperate quarry, who proves to have a crafty nature to him as well.

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I liked how the story unravels about Corbett accepting a job from the Senator Barnes to track down a Subtitlex bandit named Cuchillo Milian who raped and murdered a young girl. The cinematography and art design is top notch, and the direction is almost Leone-esque in its superb flow and movement.

He sometimes has to act and think like an animal would to stay one step ahead of his predators. InLee Van Cleef was a part of the greatest western of all time; he also made this film.

Your list has reached the maximum number of items. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Subtutles the greatest spaghetti western not made by Sergio Leone. WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.

Sollima’s somewhat elliptic and aggressive editing style adds to the disorientation and anger that this film is meant to convey.

This film though, does mix the two’s most infamous part’s of each film.