Ayano is the heir to the house of Kannagi, a house with ties to the spirit of fire, whose members are all fire users. I only watched this once and it was a while ago, but i think it was ok. D K – Rated: This story is almost like Glasses of Blue. Mencari Hantu reviews Teito dan teman-temannya berjanji akan datang ke sekolah saat malam untuk uji nyali. If you PM me, I will reply it. However, an unexpected turn of events left him pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire. Circle by ReiyKa reviews Semua layaknya lingkaran, saling terhubung, saling bergantung.

Some of the scenes were similar to naruto but it is still good. Cha Cha almost always gets strange or disastrous results whenever she uses her magic, so she practices a lot. Also reverse harem anime! Only watch if you like reverse harem. During this journey, he settles down in a small town, trying to make some money. So check it out, see it for yourself.

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia. Dan semua itu dimulai dari permintaan dari adik kembarku yang manis. The ending was left like a possibility for a second season but still overall a really kool anime.

Its a Slice of Life Anime. Vampire Knight and Hatenkou Yuugi. 112 the story itself is not that great. OtakuWriter 11 XxkittycloudxX 5.


Yes I watched this for the art However, once the simulation begins, Tokidoki is attacked by a strange creature.

The ending at least ended ok. Inevitable by Setsura reviews The rest of Scepter 4 knew exactly what he was going to do, after all, they had witnessed the Red King’s Sword of Damocles fall and disappear. I preferred the manga of this, the anime didn’t introduce all the characters but it is still really good to watch.

TT-Table Japanese episode list/sublist

Action scenes were good. Soon a total of twelve girls appear to help him, each one a reincarnation of a deceased pet once owned by Goro. The last episode is a bit debatable but overall I loved this! Suiri No Kizuna I really like this anime but I did find it a bit confusing but still really good to watch!

Author has written 20 stories for K, Ghost, and Bleach. tuilty

The seiyuus and characters are just amazing. The ending was nice as well.

Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 12

The ending was good as well. She was raised by her teacher Seravi, who is considered the world’s greatest magician.

The characters are drawn really thin, but still really like the anime and Episoee Watanuki voice seiyuu, is amazing! I found it bitter-sweet to watch because I did not know who I wanted the main female character to choose. Some parts does have brutal scenes but if you don’t mind watching it then it is recommended!!


Will Lucia be his girlfriend? Extra Edition Special There is a novel for this Anime.

Vampire Knight Guilty Episode 12 – Digital – Madman Entertainment

But i am glad i did. One night reviews Fushimi love Lucia but Lucia love somebody else. By exceptional accident, the only animewaffled to accept him turns out to be anything but ordinary; the school is attended by youkai disguised as humans. Sorry, if this story not good. Misuzu quickly makes Yukito her friend and invites him to stay with her.

I accept, just PM me and we will be friend and if you want to know about me, you can PM me too. Angel This is a good anime! A bit repetitive and the ending was a bit lacking. Really liked this anime! Again the seiyuus and characters are good.

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