Oh that is where he played basketball. What should I do!! They say that if they touch this area, your intestines is not good. During the winters, he usually likes to ski. I went back with a good feeling. How will we find that out? What did you talk about?

Of course, you only go to the hospital when you broken something. I also have something. WOW, you really are a soldier. Notify me of new posts via email. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Students must still be studying now.

Why are you folding the napkin!? I also eat vitamin C and other general vitamins. You only go to the hospital when episose get hurt. The burden must be high.

He did them a lot. OH wow, was Yeejin originally demure like that? You felt so good you took sng shower!? What should I do!! Have you seen any of his past girlfriends and whether or not they came over to say hello. He is doing well. Please like Yong a bit more. Archives January December But even through all that, I like that Seohyun now knows me more. She is doing well.


WGM YongSeo Couple Episode 42 Engsub | Kshow

What did you talk about? I think it was during junior high school. It tastes good YM: It was hard, but now I have strength. What are you doinggg?

WGM YongSeo Couple Episode 42

OH wait she said the she likes me? Do you want water? Do you want to teach me?

I made food, lets eat. OH she likes Jinwoon! They are good friends. By continuing yonngseo use this website, you agree to their use. His friends are really good.

Just wear it… once. Thank you so much F: Facebook Twitter Email Reddit. She already has a boyfriend! He was playful, active and positive. I always wondered what kind of school you went too.

I on leave right now. How did you know? We get hurt when we go to the hospital. This site uses cookies.

You mean you are only going to go if you get hurt? Do you really like Yong? So maybe there is a problem, that worries me. Is there a rock somewhere or some sort of twig?


You are doing well! Oh, I am doing so well. I am also not the person to get a lot of cold.

YongSeo Episode 42 raw with translation and ENGLISH SUBBED

Did he also make some mistakes? I heard that when you were going to meet my ehg, you wrote in your diary. Of course when you get a boyfriend you become prettier. Where are you currently? S; what do you want to do that is different? Who made the food!? Oh he knows how to snowboard? Do you want to write a message here and go?

WOW, you really are a soldier.